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Born in 1963 in Ascoli Piceno. After graduating with a degree in Sociology, he attended the Gaumont Film School and in 1985 founded, with Domenico Procacci, the Vertigo Film production company with which he would make his debut feature-length film Il grande Blek (1987). He came to the Venice Film Festival in 1991, in the Mattinate del Cinema Italiano section, with his second feature-length film Chiedi la Luna (Ask for the Moon), starring Margherita Buy who would feature as an actress in most of his films. He returned to the Lido two years later with Condannato a nozze (Condemned to Wed), again starring Buy. The actress, in the role of a nun tormented by the desire for maternity, would also be the star of his most award-winning film, Fuori dal mondo (Not of This World, 1999), winner of five David di Donatello awards. In 2001 Piccioni participated in the Venice Film Festival again, this time in Competition with Luce dei miei occhi (Light of My Eyes): the film won two Coppa Volpi awards for Sandra Ceccarelli and Luigi Lo Cascio as Best Actress and Actor. He also presented two documentaries at the Venice Film Festival, half interview-half portrait, dedicated to Sandra Ceccarelli (2002) and Margherita Buy (2003). His latest feature-length films, which like his earlier ones, continue to explore the present day without a sociological bias, but filtered through the intimate stories of the characters, include Giulia non esce la sera (Giulia Doesn’t Date at Night), a love story between a writer in a slump (Valerio Mastandrea) and a prison inmate (Valeria Golino), and Il rosso e il blu (The Red and the Blue), which photographs today’s Italian school system, telling the story of a Roman high school.
1991 – Chiedi la Luna (Ask for the Moon) – Mattinate del Cinema Italiano section (screenplay, director)
1993 – Condannato a nozze (Condemned to Wed) – Panorama Italiano section (screenplay, director)
2000 – Non ho tempo (in La monnezza) – Nuovi territori CM video section (screenplay, director)
2001 – Luce dei miei occhi (Light of My Eyes) – In Competition (screenplay, director)
2002 – Sandra, ritratto confidenziale – Nuovi territori Special Event (subject, director)
2003 – Margherita, ritratto confidenziale – Nuovi territori Medium-length Films (subject, director)

2001 – Luce dei miei occhi (Light of My Eyes) – Coppa Volpi for Best Actor to Luigi Lo Cascio and Coppa Volpi for Best Actress to Sandra Ceccarelli

2000 – Corto Cortissimo Jury


70 Directors for Venice 70