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Born in Algiers in 1966, following his studies in philosophy and the plastic arts, he worked as a freelance photographer for several Algerian newspapers and as a professor at the Fine Arts Academy in his native city. He made his debut as a director with four short films: Kech'mouvement (1996), Le chien (1996), Ferrailles d'attente (1998) and Haçla (La clôture, 2002). In 2006, Venice invited him to present his debut feature-length film Roma wa la n’touma (Rome Rather Than You), screened in the Orizzonti section, the story of a man and a woman who wander through the streets of Algiers in search of a way to leave their country, to flee the war and make it to Europe. In 2008 Teguia returned to the Venice Film Festival, this time in Competition, with his second feature-length film Gabbla (Inland), which won the Fipresci award.
2006 – Roma wa la n’touma (Rome Rather Than You) – Orizzonti (screenplay, director) 
2008 – Gabbla (Inland) – In Competition (screenplay, director)

2008 - Gabbla (Inland) – Fipresci Award


70 Directors for Venice 70

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