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la Biennale di Venezia
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Choreographic Collision

Choreography Training Course
by Danzavenezia
Artistic Director: Ismael Ivo
Creation and Organization: Viviana Palucci and Manola Bettio
Coordination: Carla Vimercati
Regulations for Choreographers
Regulations for University Students
Application Form (deadline expired on 14 April)
Choreographic Collision reaches the sixth edition in 2012 and continues its activity of choreographic training with further new proposals.
The Project has been developed in conjunction with events at the Venice Biennale 8th International Festival of Contemporary Dance, with the participation of a group of choreographers and a group of university students/scholars in the different fields of literary, music criticism and performing arts, who have been admitted though an audition.
From 8 to 24 June 2012 all participants will be given the opportunity to attend to rehearsals, workshops and performances, and meet the artists featuring in the 8th International Festival of Contemporary Dance according to a pre-established schedule.
Two workshops have been organized exclusively for the choreographers, based on research and experiment, taught by two outstanding choreographers: ISMAEL IVO and SHOBANA JEYASINGH, world-famous London-based indian choreographer.
The choreographers will be assisted in their activities by members of a Critical Analysis Laboratory - «REVIEWING THE PLURAL»: writing dance btwn the arts organised by STEFANO TOMASSINI, designed for university students/scholars in the different fields of literary, music criticism and performing arts, who also have the opportunity to transform this experience into university credits, thanks to an agreement with Cà Foscari University in Venice.
«The art of choreography is a mystery. There is a need to give a chance to future artists to be trained up. Choreographic Collision is an educational program in form of intense “Laboratory of Choreographic Ideas”. It is a practical experience which gives us all the opportunity to look at the art of choreography through many lenses. Essentially it is an exercise to make the “unseen seen and expressible”. It's a difficult task but at this point of an emerging career, challenge is a must.
Young artists come to the foreground when they discover their own language and identity.
But the dance artist should not longer be considered as an isolated phenomenon without the reference to the outside world.
“Corpo a Corpo”: while reflecting the rapid change of the present-day world, confronts itself with the ideas of life , body and movement.
We are living in a time of a “political body”. As a political-body we move forward and rediscover the meaning of the word revolution. What is dance revolution? The outside forces and changes in society as well as cultural, moral and religious values, inspire the artist to reflect and to give his own creative answer. Dance performs a sort of "primal scream" and in an attempt to survive take a deep breath and produce movements. It is an intense laboratory. Trying to stimulate everyone's capacity to associate different ideas and give a response in the form of choreographic material is of basic importance. In this way emerging choreographers have the possibility to start and find their personal vocabulary and develop an artistic identity proceeding from collective memories and personal intuitions.»  (Ismael Ivo)

A partecipation certificate will be released.
Workshop Calendar
ISMAEL IVO 11-12-21 June
Contact us
Tel. +39 041 978211
Fax +39 041 5241959