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la Biennale di Venezia
Main Visual Sezione Danza EN (new)


Sydney Dance Company (Australia)

5 June, 6 p.m.
Teatro Malibran
6 Breaths (2010)  [European premiere]
concept Rafael Bonachela and Ezio Bosso
choreography Rafael Bonachela in collaboration with the dancers
original music by Ezio Bosso
video Tim Richardson
sound Adam Iuston
lighting Nick Schlieper
costumes Josh Goot
with Natalie Allen, Emily Amisano, Juliette Barton, Adam Blanch, Richard Cilli, Janessa Dufty, Kynan Hughes, Bernard Knauer, Annabel Knight, Chen Wen, Alexander Whitley, Charmene Yap
Are We That We Are (2010)  [European premiere]
concept and choreography Adam Linder
drama Sally Schonfeldt
costumes Jordan Askill
lighting Nick Schlieper
voice Peter Carroll
sound Adam Synnott
music Keiji Haino, Acid Mothers Temple, White Rainbow, Tim Hecker
with Natalie Allen, Emily Amisano, Juliette Barton, Richard Cilli, Kynan Hughes, Adam Linder, Charmene Yap

“A movement junkie” is how Rafael Bonachela has described himself more than once. And it is in exploring pure movement that the choreographer has found his individual style: an incandescent dance that springs from the power of movement, in which energy and muscular strength combine with a great emotive sensitivity.

In 2006, he founded his own company, with which he was invited to the 6th International Festival of Contemporary Dance at the Biennale in 2008, where he presented Square Map of Q4. For the past year, Bonachela has been artistic director of one of the largest Australian companies, the Sydney Dance Company, which comes to Venice and the Biennale for the first time with a triptych of shows over two evenings, all of which European premieres: the first evening is dedicated to Bonachela’s choreography, We Unfold, an explosion of movement that seems to reflect the images of the Big Bang projected on an enormous screen serving as backdrop to the action, and conveying the idea of the birth of the cosmos and of man; in the second evening, there will be the performance of 6 Breaths, which had its world premiere in Sydney little more than a week ago (March 23). This too is by Bonachela, and it is followed by Are We That We Are, a new show by Australian choreographer Adam Linder.

Like the preceding show, 6 Breaths can be seen to be in perfect symbiosis with the music by the Italian composer, Ezio Bosso, a resident in Sydney. “Last summer, I had a surgery and I started to think on the importance of breath”, writes Bosso in the programme notes. “Rafael asked me to think about something new for a small ensemble of players, and the idea of the breathing came through my images… 6 Breaths is a cycle exactly as breathing is. Starting with the first breath (breath of life) to the last breath. In the middle of this cycle, there is the other research of my work, the human being and his/her relations to the events of life”. The choreography evolves over six movements of music, trying to make the emotional potential come out, but above all to “illuminate my feelings about all of the facets of this simple human act of breathing”.
(Rafael Bonachela)
Are We That We Are by Adam Linder instead explores the states of change in the awareness of human experience. The piece presents a series of situations embodying states of otherness that go beyond ordinary rational thought. Breaking with conditioned perceptions, the work explores a trance-indiced ritual, a dissolution of individualism within hightened sexual union, a transfiguring hallucination and the possibility of a collective unconscious. By illuminating the potential of the body to transcend conventional notions of self, we put into play the myriad possibilities of the psyche.
Adam Linder (Sydney, 1962) - At the age of 16, he left Australia to train abroad. He currently lives in Berlin. He has worked with the Royal Ballet, The Netherlands Dance Theatre, Michael Clark, Rafael Bonachela and Jeremy Wade. In 2009, he created Do Animals Cry with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods. His solo, The Perfect Score, created in 2008, tackles the pyschodrama of the striving for male identity on the part of adolescents. The work was presented in London and then toured Italy and France. Subsequently, The Place commissioned the Foie Gras duet from him, about the devastating vision of mass consumption. Foie Gras won The Place prize for choreography. Adam’s latest solo, Early ripen early rot, will be presented for the first time at the Springdance of Utrecht this April. The work describes a body advancing through states of decay towards self-destruction.