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la Biennale di Venezia
Main Visual Sezione Danza EN (new)



In 2005, Ismael Ivo was appointed director of the Dance section. An Afro-Brazilian dancer and choreographer, Ivo focused on the body as the main theme of his first festival, which he later investigated and expanded in the subsequent editions.
Body Attack ran from June 8th to July 2nd, and was the first step of a thorough meditation on the body that considered dance as the ideal medium for the body to question itself, where the gesture is –more than in any other form– the expression of the soul’s moods.
A symposium introduced the themes of the festival on May 28th and 29th, and in the same days the world premiere of William Forsyhte’s installation-performance, You Made Me a Monster, took place as a prologue to the festival. In the program also a photographic exhibition by Dieter Blum, KörperKathedralen
3rd International Festival of Contemporary Dance: Body Attack
28-29 May, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale THE FORSYTHE COMPANY (Germany) - You Made Me A Monster
8-9 June; 11-12 June, Teatro alle Tese ISMAEL IVO (Brazil/Germany) - Erendira
8-9 June, Gaggiandre dell’Arsenale INDIOS XAVANTES DO MATO GROSSO (Brazil) - Ritual Xavante
10-11 June, Teatro Malibran DANZA CONTEMPORÁNEA DE CUBA (Cuba) - Compas
11-12 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale ILARIA SACCHETTA & DANIELA RUGGIERO (Italy) - Fragile
11-12 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale SERGIO ANTONINO (Italy) - Millimetri
16-17 June, Teatro alle Tese BEIJING MODERN DANCE COMPANY (China) - Jue - Aware
17-18 June, Teatro Malibran COMPAGNIE MARIE CHOUINARD (Canada) - Body Remix/Goldberg Variations
18-19 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale LOUISE LECAVALIER (Canada) - Cobalt - Rouge
23-24 June, Teatro alle Tese HELENA WALDMANN (Iran/Germany) - Letters from Tentland
24-25 June, Teatro Malibran BALLET DE SANTIAGO (Chile) - Cuerpos pintados
29-30 June, Teatro Malibran TCHETCHE / BÉATRICE KOMBE (Ivory Coast) - Without Reference
30 June-1 July, Teatro La Fenice SHEN WEI DANCE ARTS (USA) - Connect Transfer
1-2 July, Teatro alle Tese ALESSIO SILVESTRIN (Italy/Japan) - Ritrovare; Derivare
In his second year as director, Ismael Ivo continued with his research into the body that he began in 2005, this time taking it Under Skin. The body, in both its physiological and emotional aspects, becomes a protagonist, also from a scientific point of view, because the relationship between thought and movement is evident in dancers. A symposium on this theme opened the Festival on June 9th, 10th and 11th, and brought to Venice philosophers and neuroscientists, filmmakers and mathematicians, choreographers and performers. 
The festival opened with the world premiere of Illuminata, Ismael Ivo’s new choreography, and the rest of the shows spanned three weeks. The program also included two workshops and an exhibition dedicated to Aurel Milloss to celebrate the centenary of his birth.
On June 25th, the closing day of the Festival, Carolyn Carlson was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement: this was the first Golden Lion that the performing arts sections of the Venice Biennale (Dance, Music, and Theatre) decided to award annually starting from 2006.
4th International Festival of Contemporary Dance: Under Skin
8-11 June, Teatro alle Tese ISMAEL IVO - Illuminata
8-9 June, Tese delle Vergini TAKAO KAWAGUCHI (Japan) - D.D.D.
11-13 June, Spazio Fonderie JIN XING DANCE THEATRE (China) - The Closest – The Farthest
13-14 June, Tese delle Vergini ISTANBUL DANCE THEATRE (Turkey) - Mahrem; Kimlikler
14-15 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale ACCRORAP (France/Algeria/India/Brazil) - Les corps étrangers
16-17 June, Teatro alle Tese ALMATANZ (Italy) - Chi è devoto
17-18 June, Teatro Malibran RANDOM DANCE COMPANY (UK) Amu / Of the Heart
18-19 June, Tese delle Vergini MAVIN KHOO DANCE (UK) Devi: the Female Principle
18-19 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale BALLETTO TEATRO DI TORINO (Italy) - Canto bianco in un momento di orizzonte verticale
20-21 June, Teatro alle Tese BEIJING MODERN DANCE COMPANY (China) - Oath
20-21 June, Spazio Fonderie KO MUROBUSHI (Japan) - Quick Silver
21 June, Teatro Malibran ACCO THEATRE CENTER (Israel) - WhishUponAStar
22-23 June, Tese delle Vergini MK (Italy) - Tourism
22-23 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale ATTAKKALARI (India) - Purushartha
24-25 June, Teatro Malibran ACCCA / SADLER’S WELLS COMPANY OF ELDERS (Portugal/UK) - Natural
24- 25 June, Teatro alle Tese LABORATORY DANCE PROJECT (South Korea) - Active Zone; No Comment; Fragments
In 2007, Ismael Ivo’s journey through the body alighted in the territory of desire, observed through the complexity of the aesthetic experience, with its tensions and its limits. 15 companies and 31 artists and choreographers were invited to express their personal vision on the fundamental theme of the Festival, Body & Eros, presenting almost exclusively world premieres.
Introducing and accompanying this excursion into the territories of eros and dance was the photography exhibition by Guy Delahaye, a great portraitist whose lens has captured the inner vision, the secret, the creative inspiration, and the intimacy of so many great names in dance.
Two workshops for dancers, held by Adriana Borriello and by Felix Ruckert, were included in the program so as to make Venice a meeting place for Italian and foreign artists and for the artists and the audience. A workshop for choreographers was curated by Ivo in May and June.
Two Golden Lions were awarded in 2007: the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to Pina Bausch and a further Golden Lion to the best performance of the festival, that was awarded by an international jury to Chris Haring for the show The Art of Seduction - Posing Project B, realized with the Liquid Loft dance company.
5th International Festival of Contemporary Dance: Body & Eros
14 June, Teatro Malibran BATIK (Japan) - Flowers flow, time congeals
14-15 June, Tese delle Vergini FUYUKI YAMAKAWA (Japan) - Spontaneous Core
15-17 June, Teatro alle Tese IPG – INDEPENDENT PERFORMANCE GROUP (Serbia) - The Erotic Body
15-16 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale KAIJI MORIYAMA (Japan) - The Velvet Suite
16-17 June, Teatro Malibran BATIK (Japan) - Shoku
16-17 June, Palazzo Contarini ISMAEL IVO Market of the Body: auction of dancers and dances
19-20 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale NIGEL CHARNOCK (UK) - Stupid Men
19-20 June, Tese delle Vergini LIQUID LOFT - CHRIS HARING (Austria) - The Art of Seduction - Posing Project B
22-23 June, Teatro Malibran LABORATORY DANCE PROJECT (Korea) - Position of Body; Boulevard
22-23 June, Teatro alle Tese FRANCESCO VENTRIGLIA (Italy) - Il mare in catene
23-24 June, Tese delle Vergini SIMONA BUCCI (Italy) - Arresi alla notte
24-25 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale RODRIGO PARDO (Argentina) - ognat
27-28 June, Showroom Fadalti RODRIGO PARDO (Argentina) - Tango Toilet
27-28 June, Teatro alle Tese FELIX RUCKERT (Germany) - Messiah Game
27-28 June, Tese delle Vergini MOTUS (Italy) - X (ics) racconti crudeli della giovinezza
29-30 June, Teatro Malibran PHOENIX DANCE THEATRE (UK) - Javier De Frutos Triple Bill: Paseillo; Los Picadores; Nopalitos
29-30 June, Teatro Piccolo Arsenale COISCÉIM DANCE THEATRE (Ireland) - Knots
30 June, Teatro alle Tese Go-Tan-go, curated by Rodrigo Pardo and Cristina Cortes