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2008 - Everyville

Online Competition
The work of the jury responsible for choosing the winners of the Everyville online competition, organised by the Biennale di Venezia with Gruppo Telecom Italia, on the occasion of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition, Out there: Architecture Beyond Building (14th September – 23rd November 2008) was concluded on 15 August 2008.

The international jury, chaired by the President of the Biennale, Paolo Baratta, and comprising Aaron Betsky, Francesco Delogu, Zaha Hadid, Thom Mayne, Wolf Prix, Flavio Albanese and Luigi Centola, has selected ten winning projects and 40 honourable mentions from the 782 projects submitted from 48 countries around the world, in Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Oceania. Following Italy (381), the countries with the most participants were the United States (68), Brazil (31), Germany and the United Kingdom (both 24).

The official announcement of the winners and the awards ceremony of the 50 selected groups took place at the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale, Venice, on 11th September 2008, during the vernissage of the 11th International Architecture Exhibition and in the presence of the curator, Aaron Betsky, and the President, Paolo Baratta.

Everyville 2008  
- Theme of the competition di Aaron Betsky [PDF]
- Regulations [PDF]
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