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Biennale College - Theatre 2014 has come to an end
Theatre 08 | 11 | 2014

Biennale College - Theatre 2014 has come to an end

The workshop program for young artists to get trained in contemporary styles ran 30 July to 10 August Read More >>
The program
Theatre 07 | 25 | 2014

The program

Playwrights, directors, actors, and stage designers attended the workshops.
30 July > 10 August 2014


Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement

Jan Lauwers

An artist who has created productions in which words, movement, music and the plastic arts all merge together, developing a personal language.

Silver Lion for innovation in theatre

Fabrice Murgia

Author and actor, Murgia creates atmospheres that immerse the spectator in a magnetism that draws him closer to the hidden depths of the human being.

Fourth Stage
Videos and photogalleries
Music Biennale 2014
20 > 21 September, 3 > 12 October 2014
Architecture Biennale
Fundamentals. 7 June > 23 November 2014