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41st International Theatre Festival

10 > 16 October 2011

The 41st International Theatre Festival, conceived as a festival-laboratory that was to develop and bring the earlier Workshop of Dramatic Arts to a close, ran in Venice from October 10 through 16, 2011.

Catalan director Àlex Rigola imagined the festival as an “agora of theatre”, inviting the leading personalities on the international scene – directors, choreographers, artists, architects and set designers, experts in video-writing and lighting creators – to make Venice and the Biennale not only a stage for the presentation of performances, but also and above all a place for meeting, learning, practical training and for debate on the dramatic arts at an international level, involving audiences and professionals from the world over for a deeper reflection on what it means to do theatre today.

Workshops, some of which produced a public result, lectures, meetings and round-table discussions – with an average of 5 appointments per day for a total of over 40 events – were included in the schedule of performances and became an essential part of the Festival.

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