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Santasangre (Italy)

Tuesday 11 October - 1 p.m.
Teatro Fondamenta Nuove
Santasangre (Italy)
Sei gradi. Concerto per voce e musiche sintetiche

Diana Arbib, Luca Brinchi, Maria Carmela Milano, Dario Salvagnini, Pasquale Tricoci, Roberta Zanardo
body and voice Roberta Zanardo
visual designer 3D Piero Fragola
recordings voice and violin H.E.R.
cello Viola Mattioni
winds Giacomo Piccioni
live video elaborations Diana Arbib, Luca Brinchi, Pasquale Tricoci
sound score and live elaboration Dario Salvagnini
3D animation (water) Alessandro Rosa
costume-maker Maria Carmela Milano
in collaboration with Fiamma Benvignati
set photography Laura Arlotti
organization Elena Lamberti
production Santasangre 2008
a coproduction with Romaeuropa Festival 2008/Romaeuropa Promozione Danza, Sistema Teatro Marche/Inteatro
winner of ‘Nuove Creatività’ with the support of the ETI-Ente Teatrale Italiano
with the contribution of Città di Ebla
with the support of AgoraKajSkene Akse Crono 2008
creative residency L’arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino, OperaEstate Festival Veneto/la conigliera-Anagoor, Drodesera>centrale Fies
length 50’
Unconventional light sources and live sampled sounds, unexpected movements in many shades of darkness, even holographic images, to build a fascinating organic environment on the stage, which can reproduce itself, and proliferate independently. “Sei gradi” is presented as a choreo-sound experiment in honour of water, the basic element vital to survival on our planet – about its precious presence, of course, but above all its possible absence. The Roman collective Santasangre – whose particular approach is distinguished by its exploration of sound, body and space through high-tech processes of construction – wonders what would happen if the worst predictions of the catastrophist environmentallsts came true, if pollution fatally caused the earth’s temperature to rise. At least six degrees.
Santasangre (Italy)
Santasangre is a heterogeneous collective that blends the various backgrounds of its components in its experimentation: bodyart, video, mechanical installations, sound experimentation. Rome, late Nineties: a scene with alternative circuits and new self-managed spaces. But Santasangre does something else, developing its own performances in spaces outside the theatre, even outside alternative theatre. They get there in 2003, when they discover that the stage is the place where the many spirits of the company best come together.
Since then they have been in residence at the Kollatino Underground, a squatted social centre for which they also organize meetings, workshops and programs.

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