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Carlo Ripa di Meana. Le mie Biennali 1974-1978

Book presentation: "Carlo Ripa di Meana. Le mie Biennali 1974-1978", Skira editore

Carlo Ripa di Meana served as President of La Biennale di Venezia from 1974 to 1978. One of his major achievements was the “Biennale of the dissent” in 1977, in the middle of the Cold War era. A politically engaged Biennale was thus inaugurated in Venice in those years. The book, curated by Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, Andrea Ripa di Meana Cardella and Lorenzo Capellini collects a selection of writings and interviews of Ripa di Meana, along with archival photographs by Lorenzo Capellini.

Ripa di Meana was also a relevant politician. From 1953 to 1956 he was the publisher of “World Student News”, the magazine of the International Students Union in Prague; from 1958 to 1960 he edited Passato e Presente, a journal inspired by the figure of Antonio Giolitti. In the same years he joined the Italian Socialist Party. After the presidency at the Biennale, he was a member of the European Parliament and from 1985 to 1992 a European Commissioner for the environment. He was the Environment Minister of Italy in 1992-1993. He was the president of the NPO organization Italia Nostra.


Conversation introduced and hosted by: Paolo Baratta
Speakers: Daria Ripa di Meana, Bobo Craxi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Marina Valensise, Massimo Vitta Zelman

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