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Biennale Noticeboard

Biennale Noticeboard

Ads offering exhibition spaces in Venice

For its International Exhibitions of Art and Architecture, the Biennale is aiming to make it easier for organisers of National Participations or Collateral Events to find exhibition spaces in Venice.
To this end, the Biennale has set up the Biennale Noticeboard on its website, www.labiennale.org, where announcements containing relevant information may be placed free of charge, showing owner’s details, and the features and location of the space offered.

This free online Noticeboard is aimed at public institutional bodies, but also to those private individuals who intend to offer spaces suitable for exhibitions in forthcoming Biennale exhibitions.
The information and photographs of the spaces on offer must be sent to the email address, info@labiennale.org.

Required documentation:
Form to be completed in all of its parts.
• Copy of an identity document and tax code of the owner or delegate of the exhibition space.
Technical statement proving the suitability of the space offered as an exhibition space, and/or the compliance with safety standards.
Photos of the inside/outside. Specs for the images (max 4): jpg format, 72-dpi resolution, approx. size 1200 x 800 pixels, to be sent as attached files (neither embedded in Word or Pdf files, nor in the email’s body).

1. The spaces offered must offer appropriate characteristics (from the point of view of usability) to be functional for exhibitions open to the public.
The Biennale will therefore not accept the inclusion of announcements where these characteristics are not proven.
2. The Biennale di Venezia offers no guarantees regarding the accuracy and reliability of the information contained in the notice, nor any concerning the content published.
3. The Biennale di Venezia accepts no responsibility with regard to the characteristics and suitability of the spaces offered, which must therefore be checked by interested third parties before contracting to use these spaces for their initiatives.
4. The Biennale reserves the right to break off, modify and temporarily or permanently suspend the service or any part of it without prior notice.
5. Notices with offensive or deceitful content or referring in fraudulent and concealed manner to affiliation programmes, pharmaceutical drugs, or services offered via added-cost telephone numbers will not be published. Duplicate announcements will be deleted.




Exhibition spaces in the Noticeboard

Check out the available exhibition spaces for National Participations and Collateral Events.

Spazio all'Arte!

Castello 344
30122 Venice

80 m2
Spazio San Martino

Castello 2423, 2424, 2425, 2425/A
30122 Venice

40 m2
Livia Drusilla srl

Dorsoduro 47
30123 Venice

90 m2
Palazzo Corner Mocenigo

San Polo 2128/A
30125 Venice

190 m2
D3082 Woman Art Venice

Santa Croce 3082
30135 Venice

48 m2
ICI International Cultural Institute

Santa Croce 923
30135 Venice

90 m2
Palazzo Amalteo

San Polo 2646/A
30125 Venice

200 m2

Cannaregio 4120
30121 Venice

50 m2
Spazio Ravà

San Polo 1100
30125 Venice

90 m2
St. George’s Anglican Church

Dorsoduro 729/A
30123 Venice

200 m2
Zattere al Ponte Lungo

Dorsoduro 1389
30123 Venice

31 m2
Grand Canal Palace

Santa Croce, 1961
30135 Venice

520 m2

San Polo 814
30125 Venice

110 m2
Docks Cantieri Cucchini

Castello 40A, 40B, 41C
30122 Venice

752 m2
IPAB Opere Riunite Buon Pastore

Castello 76
30122 Venice

103 m2
IPAB Opere Riunite Buon Pastore

San Polo 2123
30125 Venezia

51 m2
Palazzo Cavanis

Dorsoduro 920
30123 Venice

500 m2
Cappella dei Lucchesi

Cannaregio 2372
30121 Venice

190 m2
Palazzo Bernardo

San Polo 2186
30125 Venice

260 m2
Salone Verde

Santa Croce 2258
30135 Venice

60 m2