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Biennale College

Artistic practice and internships for young people



Biennale College is La Biennale di Venezia’s project dedicated to the practice of young people in the artistic fields and in the activities of the organizational structure of the Biennale.


Encouraging young talents, offering them the opportunity to work side by side with the masters to develop “creations” that will be part of our Artistic Programs: this is the spirit of the Biennale College, a well-fitted bridge that allows young people who wish to engage in one of the arts to do so under the finest conditions that an international institution can offer. 
University students can improve their training through the internship experience of the Biennale College - Internships.



The international call, launched on 7 May 2024, invites students, graduate students and emerging practitioners under the age of 30 to submit projects that employee natural, artificial, and collective intelligence to combat the climate crisis.

From this global pool of submissions, up to 16 projects from undergraduate and graduate students, young professionals in architecture, urban design, engineering, interior design, landscape architecture, and adjacent professions dealing with the built environment, will be chosen by the Artistic Director Carlo Ratti to be developed in the Biennale College Architettura programme.

Check out the international call

Deadline for applications: 21 June 2024, 11:59 pm (CEST)

On the occasion of the 60th International Art Exhibition (20 April - 24 November 2024), 4 projects have been selected for the 2nd edition of the Biennale College Arte 2023/2024. Over 150 young emerging artists under 30 from 37 countries around the world have joined the call for participation.
The 4 finalists are Agnes Questionmark, Joyce Joumaa, Sandra Poulson, and Nazira Karimi.

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In 2024 the Biennale College Cinema is to announce its 13th edition with the two calls for applications aimed at Italian and International teams composed of a director and a producer.

The Biennale College Cinema – Italia call for applications is reserved for Italian director/producer teams. The call is open from 18th January to 15th April 2024.

The Biennale College Cinema – International call is reserved for International director/producer teams, and will be open from 3rd May to 4th July 2024.

Learn more on the Biennale College Cinema website

9th edition (2024-2025) of the Biennale College Cinema – Immersive:

The Italian call for applications for the development and production of Virtual Reality projects, to be submitted by Italian teams, will be announced in March 2024.

The International call aimed at teams from all over the world will be announced in September 2024 during the 81st Venice International Film Festival (28th August - 7th September 2024).

Learn more on the Biennale College Cinema website

In 2024, the new call for applications of the Biennale College Danza has been announced: 16 dancers between the ages of 18 and 28 will be selected along with 2 choreographers for an intensive immersive residency in Venice: a unique three-month programme to study under the mentorship of great international masters, develop their personal artistic skills, and acquire the practical capabilities required to break into the dance market.

Call for applications: choreographers

Call for applications: dancers

Deadline: 8 March 2024.

For the Biennale College Musica 2024, five calls are dedicated to the submission of five new compositions: for string quartet, for piano, for viola, for electronics, and for percussion. At the conclusion of the Biennale College study and development process, the new scores will be performed by first-class musicians of new music for their debut at the 68th Festival in 2024.

Composers for string quartet
Composers for solo piano
Composers for solo viola
Composers of electronic music
Composers for percussion

Three calls are aimed at performers: the first dedicated to the formation of a string quartet called upon to perform string quartets by Sciarrino, Lachenmann and Haas; the second dedicated to the selection of a violist da gamba who will perform works by Benedetto Marcello and Isabel Mundry; the third call is for the selection of a percussionist who will perform Le noir de l’étoile by Grisey.

Performers - string quartet
Performers - viola da gamba
Performers - percussion

Deadline for applications (for the eight calls): 27 January 2024.

Six workshops focused on languages, codes, techniques, technologies, and sciences of the stage will be held from 15-30 June 2024 entrusted to the following masters: Tim Crouch; Gob Squad; Vaiva Grainytė / Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė / Lina Lapelytė; Muta Imago; Andrea Porcheddu; Gianni Staropoli. Call for applications
Deadline for registration: 8 April 2024.


The 2024 call for applications, aimed at international performers working at site-specific performances, was announced on 13 November 2023 (Deadline: 9 January 2024):

Performers (both from Italy and abroad) aged 18-40 for the production of two original site-specific performances to be performed outdoors in Venice. Call for applications
Two further calls for applications were aimed at Italian directors aged 18-35 and Italian authors aged 18-40.

The new call for applications of the Biennale College Internship for the period May - October 2024 was announced on 15 March 2024.

A learning experience on the field, organized as a curriculum-required internship for undergraduate or graduate university students who wish to enrich their training in the fields of organization, management, administration, technical support, editorial work, communication, etc., in other words, the work that is done every day within the organizational structure of La Biennale di Venezia.

Just like a “College” experience, the young people selected for the internship are supervised individually in their training, stimulated and encouraged to seek the greatest benefit from the moment they arrive to the last day of their internship, which will also include social events designed to share experiences and create an active community.

The call is reserved for university students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate programme of a University based in Italy.

Call for applications

Deadline: 29 April 2024