La Biennale di Venezia
Library, Venice – Archive, Porto Marghera

Historical Archive of Contemporary Arts

“The Historical Archive is the place where the memories and documents pass through, but it is also the place of the archive of our future” (Paolo Baratta).
The Historical Archive of Contemporary Arts (ASAC) collects, catalogues, increases and improves the conservational and documentary assets of La Biennale di Venezia, collected from 1895 to the present.

The ASAC directly promotes exhibitions and collaborates with the various departments of La Biennale in the organisation of events. The promotion of the archival collections is also carried out outside the Foundation, through the circulation of documents and works of art lent to Italian and foreign institutions. The ASAC includes the Historical Archive and the Library.


Virtual Exhibitions

Explore the exhibitions held in the Portego hall at Ca’ Giustinian online

Photos, posters and sketches to discover the history of La Biennale.

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History of the ASAC

Since 1928: inauguration of the Historical Institute of Contemporary Art at the Ducal Palace ...
... until 2020: the library collections at the Library at Giardini and archival funds at VEGA in Porto Marghera
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