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Classici fuori Mostra - The Go-Between

The Go-Between
by Joseph Losey
with Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Margaret Leighton, Michael Redgrave, Dominic Guard, Michael Gough, Edward Fox, Richard Gibson
Great Britain, 1971
Restored by StudioCanal


Original language version with subtitles in Italian.


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“The third film in the partnership between Losey and Harold Pinter, and the most complex. It achieves simplicity through the most refined of artifices.” (M. Morandini) “Pinter’s script is a meticulous portrait of the education to existence and to pain, counterpointed, with masterful sound and visual editing, by the reminiscences of two elderly people. The scenes of social life are enchanting (group prayer before breakfast, the cricket game, cutting the birthday cake) and offer a vivid description of the habits and customs of a bygone world.” (G. Volpi) 
Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

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