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Classici fuori Mostra - Miracolo a Milano (Miracle in Milan)

Miracolo a Milano (Miracle in Milan)
by Vittorio De Sica
with Francesco Golisano, Emma Gramatica, Paolo Stoppa, Guglielmo Barnabò, Brunella Bovo
Italy, 1951
Restored by the Cineteca di Bologna and Compass Film


Original language version.


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A screen adaptation of the novel Totò il buono by Cesare Zavattini, this is “a utopian story that sets a humanistic space of warmth and imagination against the arrogance of a wild modernity” (S. Parigi), which at the time upset the right wing for its subversive implications (the temporary title was The poor are annoying) and the left wing because it abandoned the stylistic modules of Neorealism. It won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

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