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Classici Fuori Mostra - Serpico

by Sidney Lumet 
with Al Pacino, John Randolph, Jack Kehoe, Biff McGuire, Barbara Eda-Young, Cornelia Sharpe, Tony Roberts, John Medici, Allan Rich, Norman Ornellas
USA, 1973, 130'
Restored by StudioCanal


The film is in the original language version with Italian subtitles.


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«Serpico picks up the old cop film and brings it with lights flashing and sirens blaring into the middle of the Watergate era. It is Lumet's toughest, most provocative film in years, the story of the New York City detective, Frank Serpico, who in 1970 blew the whistle on graft and corruption within the New York Police Department, leading to the Knapp Commission hearings and the biggest shake‐up in the department's history. Serpico is not a new kind of hero. The man who attempts to buck the system has been a source of fascination ever since the first Greek playwrights questioned the wit and wisdom of some of their gods. Serpico, however, is a new kind of cop film and its title character, beautifully played by Al Pacino, is a new kind of hero to meet pounding a beat». (Vincent Canby)

Teatro Piccolo Arsenale

30122 VENICE
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