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20 years of masks and costumes

Friday, February 1st, 2013 was inaugurated at Ca 'Giustinian, the historical site of the Biennale, 20 years of Masks and Costumes, an exhibition from the collection of the theatrical sketches of the ASAC - Historical Archive of Contemporary Arts, organized by La Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta, on the occasion of the 4th International Children's Carnival, Leon Musico. The sketches are arranged on display according to a selection curated by the Director of the Music Sector Ivan Fedele.

La Biennale ha offerto al pubblico, agli studiosi e appassionati della storia dell’Istituzione un’occasione per ammirare 350 disegni di grande interesse del Fondo Artistico dell’ASAC conservati nella sezione Bozzetti di scena e costumi: opere accumulate in decenni di produzioni che la Biennale ha voluto valorizzare. La selezione è esposta in questa mostra in occasione del 4. Carnevale Internazionale dei Ragazzi, Il Leon Musico.

La Biennale has offered to the public, scholars and enthusiasts of the history of the Institution an opportunity to admire 350 drawings of great interest in the Artistic Fund of the ASAC preserved in the section Sketches and costumes: works accumulated in decades of productions that La Biennale wanted to value. The selection is shown at this exhibition at the 4th International Children's Carnival, Leon Musico.

Sketches and outfits

The criteria for choosing the sketches for this exhibition are, of course, tied to the character of the Carnival and favor extravagance, extro, absurd, paradox and surreal, but also the color and rhythm present In the sketches. The massive selection was made according to these themes: "Masks and New Masks", "Musics", "Crafts", "Animals", "Belle Epoque", "Old America", "Military", "Portraits of Absurd" "Sexy ladies", "Games and fairy tales".

The exhibition includes sketches displayed in "real" size, tableaux that collect different interpretations of the same subject, "macro" reproductions also shaped and / or hanging on the ceiling, flying objects. The authors are among the most famous artists of modernity and contemporaneity: Felice Casorati, Renato Guttuso, Emanuele Luzzati, Mino Maccari, Giacomo Calò Carducci, Piero Copertini, Gianna Lanza, Jacques Lecoq, Enrico Capuzzo, Jean Pierre Ponnelle, Theophanes Matsoukis, Ed Wittstein, Walter Siegfrid, Dorino Cioffi, Giancarlo Tantille, Therese Van Treek, Dafne Ciarocchi.

Some video screens reproduce cross-fading sequences of images (scenes and characters) associated with works of which you can listen to some musical excerpts through specially crafted headphones.

The performances and the Grand Atelier of La Biennale

The selected  performances for listening are: “Allez-hop!” (Berio-Lecoq), “Treemonisha” (Scott Joplin-Copertini), “Idomeneo” (Mozart-Casorati), “Il Mandarino Meraviglioso” (Bartók-Ponnelle), “Lady Machbeth of Minsk” (Shostakovic-Guttuso).

Ivan Fedele for his part recalled that "Masks and masks costumes are the symbols of the Carnival. From the earliest forms of this liturgy of re-creation (celebration of the passage from chaos to cosmogony order), as we know them in festivals in honor of Dionysus or the Roman Saturnals, or in the representations of the ancient Indo-European myths, these symbols are were also used for other forms of representation such as street theater or cultured theater, creating real characters and places of fiction to which roles and precise features were associated. Theater and music theater are an inexhaustible source of invention and creation of a fantastic imagery that is expressed in scenes, costumes and masks (in the broad sense) that necessarily inhabit the "surreal", even in the interpretations they would like to say More realistic. "

The Grand Atelier of the Biennale

A surprise for the kids ... of all ages! The Tailor's laboratory was set up in one of Ca 'Giustinian's halls, where it was possible, in a matter of minutes, to make a carnival costume with simple or "poor" materials on the pattern of some sketches of the exhibition. With the help of our collaborators you could leave Ca 'Giustinian with a new and original costume!

Ca 'Giustinian: Saturday 2 February, Sunday 3, Thursday 7, Saturday 9, Sunday 10 and Tuesday 12 February 2013.