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AMARCORD - Fragments of memory from La Biennale Archives

On May 27, 2013 in Venice at the Biennale headquarters Ca’ Giustinian, AMARCORD. Fragments of memory opened to the public. Featuring materials from the Historical Archives of La Biennale, this new exhibition was realized with the collaboration of the ASAC (Historical Archive of Contemporary Arts), organized by La Biennale di Venezia and curated by the director of the Visual Arts section, Massimiliano Gioni.

Fragments of the history of La Biennale di Venezia

AMARCORD consolidates the program of temporary exhibitions with documents from the Historical Archives of Contemporary Arts. In this occasion, fragments of the history of La Biennale di Venezia are brought to light thanks to the curator's incursion that has come across some materials and has chosen them with the spirit of the collector and the passionate rather than the historian or scholar.

Along a timeline of events from 1895 to 1999, an itinerary tells, without any pretense of exhausting the long and complex history of the institution, some episodes of life, organization, participation of artists and curators at the International Art Exhibition.

trouvaille  of memories

Associations, images and memories are reproduced in an animated collection of artist-handwritten letters, telegrams, loan cards, newspaper articles, and photographs that are presented with the freshness of the trouvaille giving the impression of stumbling in History. In short, it is an exhibition on the memory, made to prevent the archive from being a safe but rather a family place that excites curiosity in the visitors even beyond the value and importance for scholars and historians.

The exhibit is also enriched with drawings, prints, photographs and posters commissioned by La Biennale and donated by artists, made by Augusto Sezanne, Alexander Archipenko, Carlo Carrà, Georges Braque, Jean Fautrier, Osvaldo Licini, Jacques Villon, Giorgio Morandi , Hans Hartung, Carlo Scarpa, Alberto Biasi, Man Ray, Sol LeWitt, Ado Hamelrijck.