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Italia: 150 - Biennale: 116

The exhibition Italy: 150 / Biennale: 116. The posters of 116 years of life opened on Friday, February 25, 2011 in the venue of La Biennale di Venezia at Ca’ Giustinian (Ground floor Portego until May 20; Sala Colonne on first floor until the first week of May).

After being reopened in 2010 - during the 12th International Architecture Exhibition- the Library in the new headquarters in the Gardens (Central Pavilion), in the year 150 anniversary of the Unification of Italy, La Biennale di Venezia (1895) 116-year-old posters of its history - recently reorganized by the ASAC (Historical Archives of Contemporary Arts) - testimony to the presence of La Biennale in a long section of Italian history.

The collection of posters

La Biennale - chaired by Paolo Baratta - intended to display a collection of particular importance for variety, consistency and artistic quality. The exhibition included the works of Augusto Sezanne, Ettore Tito, Marcello Dudovich, Carlo Scarpa, Albe Steiner, Milton Glaser, Ettore Sottsass, Gianluigi Toccafondo, and Studio Tapiro based in Venice.

The exhibition was realized with internal resources of La Biennale, in particular of the ASAC (Historical Archives of Contemporary Arts), within the broader project for the enhancement of its Funds.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the recent rework and inventory work of the entire poster collection with 3,500 pieces, represented by 360 general posters, as well as secondary posters, posters, and announcements. The collection has been appropriately positioned in a technically equipped area of the ASAC at the VEGA Scientific Park in Marghera, destined for the optimal preservation of funds and collections.

The locations

The exhibition Italy: 150 / Biennale: 116 has developed on two locations:

· In the Portego of Cà Giustinian (ground floor) 60 original posters of the International Art Exhibitions from 1895 to 2009 were exhibited, accompanied by a selection of catalogs, brochures, postcards and other advertising materials produced over the years from La Biennale. The exhibition was supplemented by a "photographic history" of significant events of La Biennale, linked to selected graphic materials

· in the Sala delle Colonne, over 300 posters on Exhibitions of all the Sectors of La Biennale, from the Music Festival established in 1930 to the Cinema Festival (1932), the Theater Festival ( 1934), ASAC (1976), the Architecture  Exhibition (1980) and the Dance Festival (1999), were set up.