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L’idea del corpo

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, at Ca’ Giustinian (San Marco), the opening took place of the exhibition L’idea del corpo. Merce Cunningham, Steve Paxton, Julian Beck, Meredith Monk e Simone Forti dall'Archivio della Biennale 1960/1976. The documents exhibited (photographs, videos and posters) are the result of a selection curated by the Director of the Dance section, Virgilio Sieni, from the Historical Archives of La Biennale di Venezia.

ASAC as a research site

“Another dive in the Historical Archive to come back with some of its treasures", said the President of the Venice Biennale, Paolo Baratta. The Dance Department continues a path with the exhibition L'idea del corpo. Merce Cunningham, Steve Paxton, Julian Beck, Meedith Monk e Simone Forti dall'Archivio della Biennale 1960/1976, following the previous exhibition Riapparizioni. Corpi, gesti, sguardi dai palcoscenici della Biennale. Album dal ‘34 al ‘76. The material give these exhibitions a distinct character of research, with the identification of moments of significant dance History, many of which are a source of inspiration for generations to come. This once again seems to us the living and vital use that can be made of the archive: bring it to light for small but dense parts of meaning, precious elements for a better understanding and orientation in the present times. The ASAC is becoming more and more qualified as a research site. "


Body, space, happening, city

"The different body experiences documented in the exhibition - said the Director of the Dance Sector, Virgilio Sieni - are metaphors of  city openings to the body. The visual material found in La Biennale Archive documents fundamental experiences outside the theaters, and that bring the attention of performers and spectators to the urban planning and geography of the city's places. These artists not only chose an alternative space to the usual ones, but also they made the nature of the place the core of their dramaturgy, on a path that is well documented in the selected photos and selected videos. Starting from the memorable Event in St. Mark's Square, which Merce Cunningham's company made on September 14, 1972, hosted in La Biennale Music program, amongst the astonishment of the audience and the almost general misunderstanding of criticism.