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Video Medium Intermedium

From November 27, 2011, the exhibition of art videos from the ASAC collections titled VIDEO MEDIUM INTERMEDIUM opened at Ca’ Giustinian. The works were arranged on display according to a selection curated by Bice Curiger around 7 themes.

After the exhibition on historical posters, La Biennale, with its archive, offered to the public, scholars and enthusiasts of the history of the Institution a first opportunity to rediscover a selection of 32 videos made by 53 artists between 1969 and 1975, and photographs and other documents belonging to the ASAC Funds.

Video Art and Biennale

After a preview of the digitized works presented at the 52nd International Art Exhibition in 2007, and 24 years after the historic ASAC Art/tapes exhibition held at Ca’ Corner della Regina in November 1977, it is now possible to see a rich heritage documenting the emerging video art in Europe in the early 1970s. This is a transnational phenomenon that is intertwined with contemporary avant-garde movements such as Body Art, Land Art, Performance Art, Lettrism and Minimalism, and whose impact in Italy has not been examined in depth so far.

Reconstruction and restoration

La Biennale di Venezia has launched a comprehensive program of physiological reconstruction and restoration of more than 200 video tapes with the retention of matrices in the original U-matic and Open format and playback of digital content (DVD). Recovery was conducted by the Biennale, using the collaboration of a group of researchers from the University of Udine. Part of these works came from art / tapes / 22, a famous Florentine production studio directed by Maria Gloria Bicocchi between 1973 and 1976.