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Artistic Fund

Vega - Cygnus
Via delle Industrie 23/9
30175 Porto Marghera (Venice)
Open to the public:
Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30 am - 5 pm
Tel. +39 0415218700 (administrative office)
Tel. +39 0415218790 (consultation)
E-mail: segreteria.asac@labiennale.org
E-mail: consultazione.asac@labiennale.org

It is a collection of fairly heterogeneous works of art that La Biennale has acquired during the course of its activity thanks to donations of Italian and foreign artists invited to La Biennale or who have collaborated with the institution, including 3,500 works including sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, projects, sketches, decorative art objects, plurimiters , videos, books and artist posters. Among the most representative elements of the collection are the decorative paintings made by Galileo Chini for La Bienniale of 1907 and 1920; the works donated by the prize winning artists from 1948 onwards, and those of kinetic art that came at the opening of an exhibition hall dedicated to Umbro Apollonius at Ca 'Corner della Regina in 1986; sketches for scenes and costumes commissioned for performances produced by La Biennale for the Theatre and Music Festival during the 1950s; prints and plurimiters made in the experimental laboratories set up at Giardini in the early seventies; photographs that are part of exhibitions made for the circulation; sketches and projects for venues, outfits, for the graphics of the institution, catalogs, posters. The only but important purchase is the entire artwork corpus from Florence art / tapes / 22 studio, which was set up in 1976, to preserve them from the dispersion to the cessation of the gallery's activity.


The fund consists of 3500 inventoried works, 500 prints and plurimiters in multiple copies, 200 other works (drawings, photographs, prints, etc.) under inventory.

The most significant works are exhibited in rotation at Ca 'Giustinian's and in the Archives at Porto Marghera. The rest of the works are placed in the Archives store.



- alphabetical paper catalog for main works;

- ASACdati.