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Film Library

Vega - Cygnus
Via delle Industrie 23/9
30175 Porto Marghera (VE)
Open to the public:
Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30 am - 5 pm
Tel. +39 0415218700 (administrative office)
Tel. +39 0415218790 (consultation)

The Film Library collects the film reels (fiction and documentaries) presented during the various International Film Festivals since 1933. Many are the works that received the Golden Lion or other awards, such as Rossellini's Il Generale Della Rovere, A. Cayatte's Justice est faite, Kurosawa's Rashô-Mon, Zhang Yimou's Raise the Red Lantern.
Since 2012, the film library also collects DCP films presented during the Film Festival and donated to the Archives from the production companies.
The nitrate supports, because of their instability, are currently conserved at the Cineteca di Bologna, on the basis of an agreement stipulated in 1993, while most of the films in acetate are in custody at the Cineteca Italiana di Milano, which guarantees an ideal conservation.
In 2001 films were all checked, sheltered where the film had fragility and refurbished in standard boxes. In addition, a copy of digital preservation was carried out with the help of a telecinema. The digitized material can be consulted at the Archive.




The Film Library currently contains 1340 films, including full-length and short films. The formats include 35mm, 16mm, 70mm, black and white or color. The material is completely inventoried and catalogued.


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