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Media Library

Vega - Cygnus
Via delle Industrie 23/9
30175 Porto Marghera (Venice)
Open to the public:
Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30 am - 5 pm
Tel. +39 0415218700 (administrative office)
Tel. +39 0415218790 (consultation)
E-mail: segreteria.asac@labiennale.org
E-mail: consultazione.asac@labiennale.org

The Media Library is composed of audio and video material and electronic archives (CD-Roms), to provide an overview of contemporary arts to students and researchers, or professionals in the field of art and culture. Most of the audio and video tapes document the events and the art, music, theatre performances and films sponsored and organized by the Biennale. The record collection ranges from classical, contemporary and popular music to jazz and ethnic music. It also includes a very important collection of video-art tapes.



The collections gathers 8,500 original videos in the VHS, U-Matic, Betacam, DVD, and Video-reel formats, 4,500 records (vinyl and CDs), 3,600 audio tapes (in reels and audiocassettes), and 240 CD-Roms. The material is completely inventoried and catalogued.


- printed catalogues;

- a digital data base (Available in the study room);

- ASACdati.