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Photo Library

Vega - Cygnus
Via delle Industrie 23/9
30175 Porto Marghera (VE)
Open to the public:
Tuesday-Thursday, 9:30 am - 5 pm
Tel. +39 0415218700 (administrative office)
Tel. +39 0415218790 (consultation)
E-mail: segreteria.asac@labiennale.org
E-mail: consultazione.asac@labiennale.org

The Photo Library gathers all the photographic documentation produced by the various activities of La Biennale from 1895 to the present: exhibitions of art and architecture, film festivals, conferences, theatre performances, concerts and dance. The Photo Library conserves the photographs of works of art on exhibit, installations, exhibition designs, exhibition preparations, inauguration and awards ceremonies, press conferences, photographs of performances, artists and personalities; it also collects projects and models from the architecture exhibitions.
The original historical nucleus of the Photo Library consists of negatives on glass plates, precious and unique documents accompanying the activities of La Biennale until the 1970s, from the '50s onwards there are films. Since the 1980's, photographic documentation is mainly composed of slides, while in recent years it is entirely made up of digital media.


The Photo Library maintains about 600,000 positive, 130,000 slides, 37,000 negative and 27,309 plates, as well as about 35,000 digital images.


All the most important series are equipped with inventory. ASACdati Is the database for remote consultation.