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Online Exhibitions


In collaboration with Google Cultural Institute

The appointment of Harald Szeemann as the curator of the exhibition to be held in 1999 coincided with a fundamentals made by La Biennale for the Art Exhibition. It was the choice of structuring it permanently and definitively on an international exhibition entrusted to its curator alongside La Biennale, formed by the pavilions of the participating countries. It was the translation into a definitive and strategic choice of solutions adopted on some occasions in previous years in particularly happy moments of the life of the exhibition: in particular the one in which the exhibition, still articulated in sections, introduced among them an APERTO section in which was prepared to welcome the novelties of the world and younger generations.

On 5th May 2015 the exhibition 1999 opened at Ca’ Giustinian, the headquarters of the Biennale. The materials exhibited were taken from the ASAC collections (the Historical Archives of Contemporary Arts). The exhibition may be visited online on the Google Cultural Institute platform. 

The initiative reconsiders the 1999 Venice Art Biennale, titled dAPERTutto and curated by Harald Szeemann, the great Swiss curator who passed away in 2005.


The online exhibition is displayed in the following sections:


1. Central Pavilion


2. Corderie


3. Artiglierie


4. Tese and Isolotto


5. Deposito Polveri and Gaggiandre


6. Outdoor spaces


7. Vernissage


8. Venues