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Film: The Ferryman

2016, 57’

direction and images Gilles Delmas
choreography and performance Damien Jalet
participation and voice Marina Abramović
with Hoshino Fumihiro, Aimilios Arapoglou, Mirai Moriyama, Yuka Saeki, Aakash Odedra, Alexandra Gilbert,
 Damien Fournier,
 Navala Chaudhari Kazutomi Kozuki,
Meytal Blanaru,
 Clara Furey,
 Vittoria de Ferrari Sapetto, Sanggar Jaya Semarawati Sebatu, Scottish Dance Theatre, Les danseurs de l’Opera de Paris
setting Nawa Kohei, Jim Hodges, Marina Abramović
producers Marc Boyer, Christian Pfohl, Isabelle Chesneau
co-producers Sylvain Poubelle e Bruno Niepceron, Karsten Wiegand, Jürgen Peltz
a co-production Lardux Films, TVM Cineplume, Staatstheater Darmstadt
country France


The Ferryman is a lush visual and choreographic journey into the animistic roots of ritual, sculpture and performance that explores the complex, symbiotic relationship between mankind and nature. Filmed across the stunning volcanic landscapes of Bali, Japan, Scotland and inside the oldest sections of the Louvre Museum in Paris, The Ferryman tracks the steps of a deer-headed man at the threshold between worlds.

Arsenale - Spazio Marceglia

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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Biennale Danza
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