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STEREOPTIK - Antechamber

Year/Length:2023, 50' (Italian premiere)
Concept and interpretation:Romain Bermond & Jean-Baptiste Maillet
External consultancy:Frédéric Maurin
Executive production and distribution:Les 2 Bureaux
Co-production:Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), Le Trident - Scène nationale de Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, l’Hectare - Territoires vendômois - Centre national de la Marionnette, Le Sablier - Centre national de la Marionnette - Ifs, Le Parvis - Scène Nationale Tarbes Pyrénées, Lux - Scène nationale de Valence, Folimage (Valence)
In collaboration with:L’Echalier - Agence rurale de développement culturel - Couëtron-au-Perche, Théâtre des 2 Rives - Charenton-le-Pont
Support for project set-up:Hélène Icart
With the support of:The French Ministry of Culture, Centre-Val de Loire Region
In collaboration with:Settore Cultura, Teatro del Parco Comune di Venezia
Teatro del Parco, Mestre Details
Teatro del Parco, Mestre Details


An animated film that is also a show: Antechamber by STEREOPTIK, formed in 2008 by musicians and visual artists Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Millet, blends animated, musical, and theatrical language. The story's subject is a man who, in a photo of his childhood that appeared by chance in the chaos of his studio, rediscovers the ability to fantasize. Here he is, flying over the Amazon, diving into the deepest oceans, meeting legendary creatures, falling in love. A journey through emotions and thoughts between projection on the screen, music, and live drawing. A sheet of paper, charcoal, a guitar: from the artists' hands to the screen, Antechamber immerses the audience in the often private and solitary act of creation.


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Biennale Danza
Biennale Danza