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Malafede Trio



bass Federico Malaman
guitars Riccardo Bertuzzi
drums Ricky Quagliato


The Malafede Trio’s sound blends jazz and rock, as well as ambient and world music. Founded just four years ago, it has played at the most important jazz clubs and festivals in Europe. In 2016, the Trio released Touché, its first album of original music: eleven tracks that range from vanguard to the most abstract and intimist fusion.


1. Flush (Francesco Signorini, arr. Ricky Quagliato)
An evening promenade along the banks of the Seine River in Paris, among sounds and images...
2. Nebulous (Ricky Quagliato)
A very intense dream, based on the distortion of space and time that occurs during the REM phase...
3. Freddie’s Flower (Federico Malaman)
A tribute to the great trumpet player Freddie Hubbard and his piece title Little Sunflower...
4. Omaggaddah (Ricky Quagliato)
An ancestral journey from sea to land and finally towards the sky...
5. L’Ispettore Malafede (Federico Malaman)
Funk music with the atmosphere of a “detective story”, inspired by the cartoon character Inspector Gadget...
6. Insert Coin (Federico Malaman)
A piece inspired by penny arcades, highlighting the fun with a 5/4 tempo…
7. Fred (Allan Holdsworth)
A piece by guitarist Allan Holdsworth from the album Believe It (1975) by the fusion band The New Tony Williams Lifetime…
8. Il mistero del Signor Piler (Riccardo Bertuzzi)
Old Mister Piler has disappeared and is considered dead; whereas he has just retreated into a limbo between his life on earth and his coming demise…
9. Touché (Ricky Quagliato)
A kaleidoscope of styles and cross-pollination mixed in a compact and sophisticated sound…
10. A Tea with the White Rabbit (Ricky Quagliato)
A piece inspired by the ambiguous and evanescent character of the White Rabbit, from Alice in Wonderland

Teatro alle Tese

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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Biennale Musica
Biennale Musica