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The independent and parallel sections
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The independent and parallel sections

The line-up of the International Critics’ Week and of the Giornate degli Autori - Venice Days.

Settimana Internazionale della Critica (SIC - International Critics’ Week): A series of debut-work films, independently organised by a commission appointed by the National Syndicate of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI) in accordance with its own regulations.

Giornate degli Autori (Venice Days): A series of films, independently promoted by the Italian filmmakers association (ANAC) and by the 100 Autori association. Films are selected in accordance with the regulations of these associations.

32nd International Critics’ Week

The International Film Critics’ Week (SIC) is an independent and parallel section organized by the National Union of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI) during the 74th Venice International Film Festival (30th August – 9th September, 2017). The programme includes a selection of seven debut films in competition and two special events out of competition, all presented in world premiere screenings. The selection is curated by the General Delegate of the Venice Critics’ Week Giona A. Nazzaro together with the members of the selection committee Luigi Abiusi, Alberto Anile, Beatrice Fiorentino and Massimo Tria.

The section SIC@SIC (Short Italian Cinema @ Settimana Internazionale della Critica) once again puts forth a selection of seven short films by Italian directors who have not yet embarked on a full-length film, and two special events, all screened in their world premiere.

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14th Giornate degli autori - Venice Days

This year, the fourteenth edition of the Giornate degli Autori  organised by ANAC and 100 Autori is devoted to seeking out originality and diversity. Not to astonish, or provoke by riding the wave of easy titles, but to share the delight of discovery. Of celebrating difference. Of finding the ones who march to the beat of a different drummer.

The General Delegate, Giorgio Gosetti, has this to say: "Our experience of viewing the films, has taught us that there is an abundance of films out there that are very well made and thoroughly professional, but all too often fail to strike a chord with audiences. Surprise them. The fact that we select a handful of titles from all over the world allows us the privilege - and the challenge - of placing our bets on each filmmaker and each work as if it were unique, and all the more precious for that reason. We don't aspire to offering solely masterpieces in our official selection and special events; we do want audiences to be able to say after each viewing, "Well, it was well worth it, flying on the wings of this story. I'm glad I've made this filmmaker's acquaintance."

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