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Susie Dee - Shit

European premiere (2015, 60’)

text Patricia Cornelius
direction Susie Dee
with Peta Brady, Sarah Ward, Nicci Wilks
set and costumes Marg Horwell
original lighting Rachel Burke
tour lighting Andy Turner
composer Anna Liebzeit
stage manager Rebecca Moore
production manager Andy Turner
producer Laura Milke Garner


Not suitable for a young audience.
Nudity on stage.


Susie Dee –director, actress, theatre manager– and Patricia Cornelius –one of the most powerful voices in English-language dramaturgy– have enjoyed an indestructible artistic partnership devoted to independent militant theatre, for over thirty years. Courageous in their themes, between moral degradation and social criticism, focused on the present and often entrusted programmatically to teams composed exclusively of women. This is the background also for one of the two plays to be featured at La Biennale: Shit.

This work is about three girls. “Their names are Billy, Bobby and Sam. There’s not a single moment when the three young women transcend their ugliness. There’s no indication of a better or in fact any inner life. They don’t believe in anything. They’re mean, down mouthed, down trodden, hard bit, utterly damaged women. They’re neither the salt of the earth nor sexy. They love no one and no one loves them“. (Susie Dee)

Teatro Piccolo Arsenale

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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