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Classici Fuori Mostra - La última cena

by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
with Nelson Villagra, Silvano Rey, Luis Alberto Garcia, Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Samuel Claxton, Mario Balmaseda, Idelfonso Tamayo, Julio Hernandez
Cuba, 1976, 113’
Restored by ICAIC and Academy Film Archive, in collaboration with Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique


The film is in the original language version with Italian subtitles.


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«La ùltima cena, an ironic allegory of the religious hypocrisy of eighteenth-century colonial society, is a masterpiece from the first image to the last. The film’s initial idea was inspired by a single paragraph by historian Manuel Moreno Fraginal’s voluminous economic essay El ingenio (1964), in which he tells the story of the Count of Casa Bayona, who to ease his conscience, washed the feet of twelve of his slaves on Holy Thursday and invited them to dine with him. The consequences of this action were unpredictable. The remarkable dinner sequence is the structural core of the film: almost an hour during which the characters of the slaves are presented and, as the director stated, “the specific personality of some slaves who momentarily play the part of the apostles is revealed, with the intention of questioning the highly controversial image of the slave constructed by the culture of the oppressor, revealing all its contradictory aspects”». (Luciano Castillo)

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