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Classici Fuori Mostra - Utószezon (Late season)

by Zoltán FÁBRI 
with Antal Pager, Janos Rajz, Sandor Kőmives, Samu Balazs, Jozsef Szendrő, Noemi Apor, Lajos Basti, Janos Zach
Hungary, 1966, 120’
Restored by Nemzeti Filmintezet Magyarorszag (Hungarian National Film Archive), in collaboration with Magyar Operatorok Tarsasaga HSC, with the support of the Magyar Műveszeti Akademia


The film is in the original language version with Italian subtitles.


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«Presented in competition at the 1967 Venice International Film Festival, where it won four minor awards and was the subject of furious controversy, Utószezon is a film in which one of the most important figures in Hungarian cinema and its new wave in the 1960s, Zoltán Fábri, continued his moral examination into the recent history of his country and the years of Nazism in particular, as in his earlier films Two Half-Times in Hell (1961) and Twenty Years (1965). But here – based on a novel by György Rónay which Péter Szász’s screenplay intelligently betrays – the tone is not merely dramatic, but begins with the atmosphere of an outlandish comedy that evolves into the grotesque and culminates in an anguishing Kafkaesque drama, focused on the Holocaust and on feelings of guilt, but without ever losing that original imprint that allows him to unexpectedly veer into a more suspended and surreal humourism». (Federico Gironi)

Teatro Piccolo Arsenale

30122 VENICE
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