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Emerging Resilience - Wo/man under umbrella

Commissioner: Dušan Vuksanović

Curator: Sonja Radovic Jelovac

Exhibitors: Krešimir Rogina, Rosa Rogina, Armor Gutierrez Rivas, Ida Blažičko, Francois Vahe


Venue: Palazzo Malipiero (ground floor), San Marco 3078-3079/A, Ramo Malipiero


Montenegro’s exhibition strives for multidisciplinary integration of results of contemporary ecological research and collaborative practices in urban design and spatial planning. The curator, Sonja Radović Jelovac, suggests focusing on broader research frame of the Montenegro presentation based on the need for instrumentalisation of the resilience principle in the local context, as well as the need for adopting the model of sharing values. There are three interrelated parts of the Montenegro presentation at the Biennale Architettura 2018: the book, the exhibition and the networking, each one taking a specific angle in approaching the overarching theme of Emerging Resilience. All three elements vary in scale, materiality, duration and methods of dissemination. Together, they act as a vibrant framework underpinning an open-ended discussion on the theme within and beyond the actual pavilion. In addition to the main theme the subtheme is added Wo/ Man under the Umbrella.
“Why are the umbrellas not falling apart in the sun - or at least growing in the rain?”
Cedric Price

Venezia, San Marco 2893
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Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura