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La Biennale di Venezia

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Commissioner: Attila Kim

Curator: Romeo Cuc

Exhibitors: Romeo Cuc, Mihai Gheorghe, Irina Petra Gudană, Roxana Pop, Raluca Sabău, Vlad Tomei


Venues: Giardini and New Gallery of the Romanian Institute for Culture and Humanistic Research (Campo Santa Fosca, Palazzo Correr, Cannaregio 2214)


Mnemonics refers to the power of space to generate strong vivid memories. Its projection is the free space between the large housing buildings in the Romanian cities. The iconic picture of it is the one of children playing, creating invisible worlds, because when it comes to a place of freedom, we remember together the last stable configuration: our childhood. In our collective memory this fact creates a common imaginarium holding on a free space – friends, games, happenings. Currently these areas in Romania see various contemporary reactions as a promise for a future scenario regarding its purpose. As collective memories define a territory for present generations, Mnemonics lies on an optimistic vision on transformation. The scenographic approach evokes the essentialised layout of the free space between the large housing buildings in the Romanian cities. It invites to exchange roles on the playground and reflect on the reappropriation of the space.

Venezia, San Marco 2949
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Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura