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Everyday wonders - CZ reads LCD

Cino Zucchi


The location of La Biennale in Venice, and the importance of Italian architecture on the world stage, prompted us to look at recent Italian architecture. We wished to find an architect who would decipher and bring to the community of architects and to a wider audience some specific Italian architecture. Fascinated by the work of Luigi Caccia Dominioni, we invited the Milanese architect, Cino Zucchi to present Caccia’s work from his own perspective. We knew that Cino Zucchi had known the great architect personally and so this personal connection, combined with Cino Zucchi’s own practice achievements and teaching experience, seemed to us to be an opportunity for a new ‘reading’ of Caccia Dominioni’s work. When asked the question: What is architecture? Cino Zucchi replied that it is the beloved backdrop to our lives. Asked about his method as an architect, he describes it as a type of mix-and-match approach, where analysis alone will not do and invention alone will not do, where habits and culture filter raw data to make architecture. He declares his values to be urbanity, the beauty of cities and the new environmental responsibility Cino Zucchi explores the work of Caccia Dominioni under three headings. Facades: inhabited screens in the city; Interior Spaces: caves carved by movement and light; and Details: narrative interlaces between material and form.

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Biennale Architettura
Biennale Architettura