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Catalogue and Guide

Biennale Arte 2017

The official catalogue

The official catalogue of the 57th International Art Exhibition / Biennale Arte 2017 titled Viva Arte Viva consists of two volumes:

Volume I is dedicated to the International Art Exhibition, and is edited by Christine Macel.
The volume dedicates 4 pages to each invited artist: a critical essay and a statement by the artist illustrate and support the images of the works on display and other images that describe the artist's practice. Each section ends with a list of book titles, personally selected by the artist as useful and enlightening for "making art".

Volume II is dedicated to the National Participations, to the Special Projects and the Collateral Events. Texts and images describe and illustrate each of the individual exhibitions.

The Guide

The Exhibition Guide is conceived to accompany the visitor through the Exhibition. The works of the artists invited to the main Exhibition and the individual exhibitions of the National Participations and Collateral Events are illustrated with images and short explanatory texts.

Throughout the Exhibition, artists are marked by a number, corresponding to the number in their dedicated section in the Guide.

Publication Data

The design of the graphic identity of the Biennale Arte 2017 and the layout of the books are by Studio deValence, Paris.
The Catalogue and Guide are edited and published by La Biennale di Venezia.

Format closed: 21 x 27 cm
No. Pages: 588
Colours: 4/4
Format closed: 21 x 27 cm
No. Pages: 256
Colours: 4/4
2 Editions: Italian and English
2 plastic-wrapped Volumes
€ 85

Format closed: 15 x 20 cm
No. Pages: 250
Colours: 4/4
2 Editions: Italian and English
€ 18

Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte