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Belarus (Republic of)


Commissioner: Siarhey Kryshtapovich.
Curator: Olga Rybchinskaya.
Exhibitor: Konstantin Selikhanov.
Venue: Spazio Liquido, Castello 103, Salizada Streta


Exit. The project exists in many dimensions. It deploys time and history to mark the period of change and define a man’s place within it. This transformation is perceived as a post-cataclysm by some, and as a pre-catastrophe by the others.
The future is unpredictable. It feels like an accelerating motion with no signposts or mapped routes. Not only does it modify the environment, it distorts the human being him or herself. Their depersonalised figures celebrate the paradigm shift: from Soviet to Post-Soviet, from local to global. Truth and falsehood, evil and good – the opposites comprising one’s life gradually blur and mingle.
Unsupervised by history, this new power arouses unrest and mistrust. It shapes anonymous faceless figures, post-images.

Venezia, Castello 103
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte