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Republic of Seychelles


Commissioner: Galen Bresson.
Curator: Martin Kennedy.
Exhibitors: George Camille and Daniel Dodin.
Venue: Palazzo Mora, Strada Nova, 3659


Drift invites you to consider a number of synthesised visual and aural components which we can collectively consider as questions: How do we know what we know?, Where is the truth?, Can something be both wrong and right?, Are we helpless to determine (or even recognise) reality?, Is life better now than (choose your own) then? Two artists, George Camille and Daniel Dodin, share their concepts through two separate yet complementary installations. Together they tell us things which we might already know, but which we elect to ignore. Things which point doubting fingers at our sense of individuality and self-determination. ‘Self-delusion rather...’ they seem to whisper.

Venezia, Cannaregio 3659
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Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte