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Macchina di visione. Futuristi in Biennale

On the occasion of the 53rd International Art Exhibition and the centenary of the "Futurist Manifesto", this exhibition was open from June 7 to November 22, 2009 at Ca’ Giustinian - the renovated headquarters of La Biennale di Venezia. Macchina di visione: futuristi in Biennale featured the futurists exhibited at La Biennale from 1926 to 1942, and the retrospectives dedicated to them by La Biennale until 1995.

First initiative at Ca 'Giustinian

Curated by the International Laboratory of Semiotics in Venice (LISAV) - IUAV University of Venice, in collaboration with La Biennale di Venezia - Historical Archive of Contemporary Arts (ASAC), exhibited letters, prefaces to catalogs, posters, photographs, audio tapes, the result of a research carried out at ASAC with the direct contribution of ASAC staff and researchers. Set up at the ground floor of Ca 'Giustinian, the exhibition had its paint coinciding with the paint of the 53rd International Art Exhibition and the inauguration of the renewed institutional venue of the Venice Biennale (2-6 June). It was the first of the initiatives that helped to identify Ca 'Giustinian as the ideal venue for La Biennale di Venezia, and as Cultural Center for the city.

Macchina di visione: futuristi in Biennale have also provided a study-catalog on the political and cultural relationship between futurists and La Biennale, as well as a conference that took place at the Teatro Piccolo dell'Arsenale on July 3, to critically rebuild the political and aesthetic of futurist engagement in Venice. Paolo Fabbri, Director of IUAV International Semiotics Laboratory was responsible for scientific work ; consultation advices by Beatrice Buscaroli; the studio-catalog was edited by Tiziana Migliore and Beatrice Buscaroli; the exhibition was organized by Tiziana Migliore.

Futurism and Biennale

The story of Futurism at La Biennale di Venezia had not yet been written. Macchina di Visione. Futuristi in Biennale was therefore a project that finally investigates the participation of artists, ideas and futuristic works at the International Art Exposition. La Biennale meant thus to point out its historical role of institution that has progressively built the critical fortune of the movement. Macchina di visione was an excursus from 1910 to 1995, revealing the role played in welcoming, pushing and promoting the original thinking and the multiforme artistic activity of futurists, reconstructing, with a contemporary eye, the extremes of a dialogue both controversial and polemical , however crucial to understanding the values ​​and tastes of an important period of our history. Cultural heritage is not transmitted, it is conquered. With this initiative, La Biennale wanted to assert that research on the first avant-garde Italian group has not exhausted, and conveys a legitimate - and often surprising - legacy of consensus and dissent between avant-gardes and cultural institutions, in the history of modern arts and contemporary.

The exhibition was recognized as a significant event by Futurism 1909/2009 - National Committee for Centennial Celebrations of the Futurist Manifesto.