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Final Cut in Venice

81st Venice International Film Festival

La Biennale di Venezia aims to carbon neutrality. This involves reducing and offsetting the emission of carbon dioxide through targeted actions that require the involvement and attention of all Festival participants. We would like to thank you in advance for your collaboration in achieving this ambitious goal, which will be reached through the individual behaviour of each of us.

1. Date and location


The twelfth edition of the FINAL CUT IN VENICE program will take place from September 1  to 3, 2024 during the Venice Production Bridge of the 81st Venice International Film Festival (Lido di Venezia, 28August – 7  September 2024).

2. Objectives

The program’s purpose is to provide concrete assistance in the completion of films from Africa and from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria; and to offer producers and directors an opportunity to present films still in the production phase to international film professionals and distributors in order to facilitate post-production and promote co-production partnerships and market access.

3. Description of the activities

3.1 Program
The program consists in three days of activities, in which the working copies of a maximum of 6 selected films (see articles 5 and 6) are presented to producers, buyers, distributors and film festival programmers. Networking, encounters and meetings will allow directors and producers to interact directly with the participants. One-to-one meetings between the selected film teams and professionals are organized on September 3, 2024.

3.2 Screenings
The program also includes screenings of material of the selected films in the presence of the directors and producers. Only Industry pass holders will be allowed to attend the screenings: producers, distributors, operators, buyers, festival programmers, representatives of the institutions and others invited in advance by the Festival management.

4. Prizes

The program will conclude with the awarding of prizes, in kind or in cash, for the financial support of the films in their post-production phase.
For the eighth year, La Biennale di Venezia will give a prize of € 5,000 for the best film in post-production. The La Biennale di Venezia Prize will be attributed by a jury composed of three members named by the Festival Director, while the other prizes will be awarded by final and irrevocable decision of the Festival Director and the Final Cut in Venice's supporters.

The prizes are:
- € 15,000 for the colour correction of a feature-length film offered by Laser Film (Rome) for up to 50 hours of work (technician included);
- € 15,000 offered by Studio A Fabrica (Ajaccio) for the sound mixing of a feature length film (up to 12 days of work, sound mixer not included);
- one of the selected projects will benefit from the film composers represented by Oticons and the original score that they will create. The production of the original score will include all relevant services, such as spotting sessions / composition / orchestration / mock-ups / final production, of a total value of € 12,000;
- for a feature-length fiction film a $ 10.000 MG or for a feature-length documentary a $ 3.000 MG for marketing, publicity and distribution in the Arab World offered by MAD Solutions for one Arab project (except for projects already funded by MAD Solutions);
Titra Film (Paris) will offer up to € 5,000 for colour-grading; up to € 3,000 for the production of a DCP master, or the creation of i-Tunes, Google or Netflix files; up to € 2,000 for French or English subtitles (translation not included);
- up to 10.000 euros for the sound mixing of a feature length film (up to 7 days of work, auditorium and technician included) offered by 196-MEDIA (Rome);
- up to € 10.000,00 for digital visual effects “2D Comp” ​ offered by M74 srl (Rome)
Mnemonica will offer a 12-month supply of its Production platform worth €10,000;
- up to € 7,500 for the creation of the DCP master with Italian or English subtitles, offered by Sub-Ti Ltd.(London);
- up to € 7,500 for the accessible contents of the film for audiences with sensory disabilities: subtitles for the deaf and hearing-impaired and audio description for the blind and visually impaired, including audio subtitles in voiceover, in Italian or English (the subtitles and the audio-described soundtrack for the DCP will be provided) offered by Sub-Ti Access Srl (Turin).
- € 5,000 offered by Red Sea Fund (Red Sea International Film Festival);
- € 5,000 for the purchase of two-year broadcasting rights by Rai Cinema;
- $ 5,000 awarded to an Arab project offered by the El Gouna Film Festival;
- € 5,000 offered by Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF)/ACP/EU as a refund for post-production services – delivered by societies based in one of the EU or OACPS countries (except South Africa) – of a feature-length film realised by a director from one of the ACP countries and produced or co-produced by a society based in one of the ACP countries;
-“Coup de cœur de la Cinémathèque Afrique” Prize, offered by Cinémathèque Afrique of the Institut Français (Paris). The prize consists in the acquisition of the non-commercial and non-exclusive broadcasting rights for 7 years for a value of € 4,000 – € 6,000 depending on the genre and length of the film and the number of available territories;
- participation in the production costs of a DCP (€ 2,500), offered by the Festival International du Film d’Amiens;
- participation in the production costs of a DCP (€ 2,500), offered by the Festival International de Films de Fribourg

For the third year in a row, the FCV program will benefit of the additional support of the Red Sea International Film Festival within our supporters.

5. Conditions for admittance to selection

5.1 Eligibility criteria of the films
All works submitted must be in post-production and made exclusively by filmmakers from countries as specified in Art. 2. Only feature fiction or feature art-house documentary films (expected min. length of each film: 60 minutes) will be considered.
It is preferable to send a complete working copy of the film. Should the film still be in an initial editing stage, a series of edited sequences will be accepted (totalling at least one-third of the overall anticipated length of the film), accompanied by the director’s statement of intent and a film treatment.

5.2 Subtitles
Should the language spoken in the film not be English, the copy to be submitted should be subtitled in English.

5.3 Subsequent submission
Each film may submit to only two editions of the “Final Cut in Venice” program, and may submit the second time only if substantial progress in the production of the working copy has been achieved, and if the film was not awarded in the previous edition.

5.4 Submission to other sections of the Festival
Submission to the “Final Cut in Venice” program precludes submission to any other official section of the Festival that same year. However, it is possible to submit the film to official sections of the Festival the following year. Moreover, upon the discretion of the Festival Director, a film in post-production that was submitted to the official sections of the Festival but was not selected may be submitted to the program the same year.

6. Selection process

6.1 Selection
The Festival Director, assisted by a staff of experts, is responsible for selecting the films; his decision is final and irrevocable.

6.2 Selection results
The selection results will be communicated to the submitted films by 8 July 2024.

7. How to submit the films

7.1 Materials to be sent for the selection
In order to be considered for selection, by 10 June 2024, applicants must:
a)   fill out the Final Cut in Venice SUBMISSION FORM, in acceptance of the present regulations;
b) send a link with the password (valid at least until 8 July 2024) for online viewing to: finalcut@labiennale.org

7.2 Informational material about the film
Informational material about the submitted film must be sent exclusively in electronic format to: finalcut@labiennale.org.

7.3 Return of the films sent
The Festival is not required to return the films submitted for the selection process.

8. Invited films

8.1 Invitation letter
The selected films will receive an Invitation letter they will need to accept by 4 July 2024. The Festival’s reception of the acceptance implies the legal approval of the invitation on the part of all those to whom it is sent; acceptance is considered final and binding.
The film’s invitation to participate in the program must remain completely confidential until the Festival program has been officially announced; failure to comply will result in the film’s exclusion from participation.

8.2 Copies and materials
The representatives of the invited films must send by 8 July 2024 all the informative material required for the brochure and the Venice Production Bridge website (synopsis, statement of intent, crew and cast list, director’s biography and complete filmography, photographs of the director and cast and scenes from the film in b/w or in color). It must be labeled “Material for VPB” and sent to: finalcut@labiennale.org.  

The screening copies in DCP in the original version with English subtitles, must be sent by and no later than 14 August 2024. A working copy that is further along with respect to the version submitted to the selecting commission can be sent:
- 2 copies in DCP, in the original version with English subtitles;
- 1 link or DVD in original version with English subtitles, for the exclusive use of the Festival’s internal services.

Only in special cases, which must be authorized in writing by the Director, the deadline of 14  August 2024 can be extended; however, should the copies of the film not arrive by 23 August 2024, the screenings will be cancelled.

Mailing address to which the screenings copies must be sent:

La Biennale di Venezia – Cinema Department
Palazzo del Cinema, Lungomare Marconi, 30126 Lido di Venezia
Tel. +39 041 5218878 / Fax +39 041 5218854

8.3 Shipping costs
The full cost of sending the material to the Festival headquarters, including customs expenses as well as their return freight, will be borne by the applicant.

9. Participant invitations

The Festival will cover trip expenses and accommodations for the directors, and accommodations for one producer, for each of the selected films, for four nights (August 31 to 4 September 2024).

10. Selected films / Logo

Films which are selected and awarded one or more prizes must indicate the authorized logo and the phrase “With the support of the Final Cut in Venice program” in the opening credits of the film (if other film partners appear in the opening credits), in the poster’s logos block and in all promotional material. As a binding condition, in the closing titles the authorized logo and the phrase “With the support of the Final Cut in Venice program” must appear in the foreground, with the logos of the program partners who gave the prizes smaller in the background. The film that will be awarded the Venice Biennale Prize has to display alongside the logo of the Festival also the sentence ‘La Biennale Prize Final Cut in Venice 2024’. The films selected for Final Cut in Venice and not awarded will have to report on the credits the logo of the Festival with the phrase “The film took part in the Final Cut in Venice program”.

11. General terms

Participation in the Final Cut in Venice program constitutes unconditional adherence to these Regulations. The producers, distributors or other subjects submitting the film must ensure they are legitimately entitled to enter the film.

The Festival Director reserves the right to settle any case not covered by these Regulations, and to waive the Regulations in special and well-motivated instances. In case of dispute regarding the interpretation of the single articles of the Regulations, the original text written in Italian is to be considered final.

The Venice Production Bridge is co-financed by the European Commission’s MEDIA Fund.

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