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La Ribot - Another Distinguée

Choreography and direction:La Ribot
Performers:La Ribot, Juan Loriente, Thami Manekehla
Installation:La Ribot
Construction of the installation:Marie Prédour, Victor Roy
Lighting design:Eric Wurtz
Technical direction:Marie Prédour
Technician:Guillame de Fontaine
Costumes:La Ribot
Production of costumes:Laurence Durieux, Marion Schmidt, Julie Z
Outside eye:Jaime Conde Salazar
Music:AtomTM, Alvaro de Cárdenas feat. Fernando Palacios
Co-production:Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne; CND, Paris; Latitudes contemporaines, Lille; Teatros del Canal, Madrid
With the collaboration of:la Comédie de Genève
With the support of:Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung; Ernst Göhner Foundation
La Ribot is supported by:Ville de Genève; République et canton de Genève; Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council
La Ribot-Genève Team 2020:direction La Ribot; executive producer Paz Santa Cecilia; production and administration Sara Cenzual and Gonzague Bochud
Note:5th series of Piezas distinguidas
Photo:Grégory Batardon


After presenting Más distinguidas – which gathers 13 short, dazzling performances from the Piezas distinguidas – La Ribot brings, for the first time in Italy, Another Distinguée, a new collection of 8 pieces, presented in 2016. The Piezas distinguidas are a series of solos that vary from 30” to 7’ long: grouped into cycles, they compose a sort of visual poem made with various techniques, some of which are borrowed from the world of art (drawing, cutting, collage, manipulations, forms of installation in which the body is an object in motion). The Piezas distinguidas are a constantly evolving discourse in which the fixed points are woman, the body, fragmentation.

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Biennale Danza
Biennale Danza