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Melina Sofocleous / Silvia Giordano / Emese Nagy - Three New Creations

Melina Sofocleous:Rhythms and Blues - world premiere
Silvia Giordano:Tremendous Hop - world premiere
Emese Nagy:Venice Fanatico - world premiere
Performers:Giorgia Bortoluzzi, Rebecca Carluccio, Stefano De Luca, Ludovica Di Santo, Mathilde Fasciana, Francesca Roini, Andrea Scarfi
Original music for the new creation of Melina Sofocleus composed by:Antonis Hadjiantonis
Sound tutoring:La Biennale di Venezia – CIMM, Centro di Informatica Musicale e Multimediale
Production:La Biennale di Venezia


Biennale College Danza was structured, with Marie Chouinard, into two compartments, one dedicated to the dancers and one dedicated to the art of choreography.
The winners of the 2020 international call for choreographers are:
- Silvia Giordano, 31 years old from Cividale del Friuli
- Emese Nagy, 30 years old from Budapest
- Melina Sofocleous, 23 years old from Cyprus

Each of them has been asked to develop an original creation of their choosing lasting around 20 minutes. To this end the three selected choreographers will complete a residency in Venice from September 8th to October 25th 2020. Following a preliminary phase dedicated to the analysis of the mechanisms of composition and ideation of Merce Cunningham – a phase that will serve as a starting point for their personal research – the choreographers will work for 6 consecutive weeks on their own creation with 7 selected professional dancers: Giorgia Bortoluzzi, Rebecca Carluccio, Stefano De Luca, Ludovica Di Santo, Mathilde Fasciana, Francesca Roini, and Andrea Scarfi.
During this phase of research and elaboration of the 3 original creations, the choreographers will be able to work with experts, who include: Guy Cools for dramaturgy, Simone Derai for the direction and set design, Sander Loonen for the lighting, and Serena Sinigaglia as outside eye.

Melina Sofocleus
Rhythms and Blues

Rhythms and Blues is a study in how our internal rhythms, which are unique to everyone, sync in which each other and with the environment.
Parallel with the choreographic research, there has been an exchange with Cypriot composer Antonis Hadjiantonis in how to deconstruct the rhythms of rebetiko music.

Silvia Giordano
Tremendous Hop

Tremendous Hop is a reflection on the contradictions and paradoxes caused by the seductive narrative of power. It looks at the state of uncertainty and confusion hidden under a green lawn of synthetic grass, at the estrangement and disorientation generated by the distorted interpretations of our present condition.
Research on the transformation of micro-gestures associated with language, investigates the areas of authority and leadership in the relationships between bodies. Hop is the warning that guides them, a power relationship masked as a game, a hope that has lost its last letter, a glass full to the brim that claims its emptiness.

Emese Nagy
Venice Fanatico

I arrived at the Biennale with an idea I wanted to research. As the weeks went by and as I got to know the dancers better my inspirations changed.
Venice Fanatico represents something instinctive that I found together with the dancers.
I am not committed to any kind of technique and I allow myself to move freely, away from conventions. With my ambition to grow as an artist, I find myself in situations where I can’t keep up the tempo that I set to myself.
We live in a time of “Yes, I can”. We need to pursue our “happiness” at all costs. This high performance of happiness leads to exhaustion.

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Biennale Danza
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