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Andrea Salustri - Materia

Year/Lenght:2021, 60’
Creation and performance:Andrea Salustri
Lighting design and technical direction:Michele Piazzi
Technical team:Michele Piazzi, Chamsedine Madec, Ivan Bartsch, Andrea Parolin, Andreas Harder
Sound design:Federico Coderoni
Original music:Federico Coderoni, Ah! Kosmos
Creative advisors:Kalle Nio, Roman Müller, Darragh McLoughlin, Alex Lempert, Benjamin Richter, Matthias Buhrow, Mariagiulia Serantoni
Artistic management:Valentina Barone
Distribution:Lisa Laubner - Aurora Nova (worldwide), Stéphane Noël - Materialise (Asia), Niamh Moroney (Belgium, Ireland), Valentina Barone (Italy)
Residencies:Chamäleon Theater, L’Espace Périphérique - La Villette, La Maison des Jonglages, cirqu’Aarau, Katapult Zirkusquartier Zürich, La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne, kunstencentrum BUDA, PERPLX
With additional support of:circusnext - European platform co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Chamäleon Productions, cirqu’Aarau, circus re:searched, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, TelepART programme of the Finnish Institute in Germany


The magical world of objects. This is a pas-de-deux between body and object that comes to life in Materia, a production built entirely on the properties of a common material such as styrofoam.

Born in Rome but trained in Berlin, following studies of dynamic manipulation and the manipulation of fire which he practiced as a busker, and after earning a degree in philosophy from the Università La Sapienza in Rome, Andrea Salustri moved to Germany where he studied contemporary dance at Tanzfabrik and dance and choreography at the HZT Berlin. A transdisciplinary training that he brings into circulation in Materia, where he shapes a world of objects to manipulate, transform, to follow with the body and reveal their secret vitality. On stage a man alone with styrofoam panels and spheres. Subverting the traditional hierarchy of performer-props-public, Andrea Salustri shifts the attention from the juggler (for whom the objects are the tools of his skill), to manipulation (where the focus is on interplay) and finally to the objects themselves, which become an active part and transform the performer from the protagonist to a mere facilitator, The effect is that of “an odyssey of objects” (The Guardian) that hypnotizes the viewer, allowing him to discover the wonder of life.

Working from the central role of the juggler in the contemporary circus, Salustri reaches new territory between the contemporary circus and choreography, transforming the performer into “a facilitator, constantly shifting the focus of the performance between the object, its manipulator and the manipulation”.

The study he developed for Materia later extended beyond the stage, to the creation of art works made from the styrofoam waste collected at the end of every performance and with the search for total sustainability through an original form of composting.

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Biennale Danza
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