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Educational Programme

Biennale Arte 2024

Educational proposals address Exhibition and Festival audiences, including universities, schools, families and the public of enthusiasts and art lovers.

Activities in 2024

La Biennale's educational offer is renewed for 2024 and is aimed at individuals and groups of students, children, adults, families, professionals, companies and universities. All initiatives focus on the active involvement of participants; they are led by professionals selected and trained by La Biennale and are divided into macro-categories: Guided Tours, Workshop Activities and Interactive Initiatives; Guided Visits and Family Tours at Stated Times: the latter for non-organised audiences, individuals or groups.

Guided Tours

Guided Tours lead visitors through the venues of the 60th International Art Exhibition and have an open and participatory character; they are particularly suitable for secondary schools, universities, enthusiasts and the adult public. They are in turn divided into guided tours, in-depth tours and thematic itineraries. Languages available for tours include: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Albanian, Turkish, and IS.

Workshop Activities and Interactive Initiatives

Workshop Activities and Interactive Initiatives are addressed to all kinds of audiences, with special attention to the young and very young, and to the world of schools and families; they are based on an approach that stimulates creativity and the ability to re-elaborate content. They consist of: digital and multidisciplinary workshops, to explore the languages of art, music, theatre and dance; scientific, theoretical and practical workshops, to stimulate creativity with playful activities and interactive stories for schools and families.

Fragile Categories

La Biennale's Educational offer also includes special projects that provide the opportunity to approach the themes of the Exhibition from specific professional interests. These projects are particularly suitable for companies, professionals and insiders and insist on the themes of the Exhibition as an opportunitỳ to update and broaden one's skills and sensibilities. Particular attention is paid to the inclusion project, Fragile Categories, which involves support centres, educational and therapeutic communities, with the aim of bringing the arts closer to categories of the public - disabilities, mental health, addictions, etc. - who have greater difficulties in enjoying exhibitions and cultural events.

For this edition, a special project will be dedicated to refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, and paths dedicated to visually impaired or blind audiences will be re-proposed, focusing on linguistic and content aspects; there will thus be the possibilitỳ of educational activities in Italian Sign Language (LIS). ​To make the visit to the Biennale an inclusive experience, formats and tools in easy language dedicated to support teachers will also be available.

Activities are available in Italian, LIS and 7 foreign languages conducted by selected staff.

Booking is required and the average duration for each activity is 1h30'.

Activities for schools / Open Days for teachers

For schools in the Veneto region La Biennale di Venezia organizes, upon reservation subject to availability, free transportation services from the school premises to Venice, with the Biennale BUS, and a water shuttle service, the vaporetto Biennale, to the Giardini and the Arsenale.

In addition, La Biennale di Venezia organises special free Open Days for teachers of schools of all levels with a visit to the Exhibition and presentation of the educational activities and projects related to the Biennale Musica 2024 (26 September> 10 October 2024). The Open Days include a visit to both exhibition venues (Giardini and Arsenale). 2024 Open Days will be held on 30 April and from 2 until 6 September.​​