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Matteo Franceschini - Songbook

Matteo Franceschini
Silver Lion award ceremony

followed by:

Icarus Ensemble / Cantus Ensemble
Tovel (aka Matteo Franceschini) (1979) Songbook for rock quartet, amplified ensemble and electronics (2019, 60’)
world premiere – commissioned by La Biennale di Venezia

acoustic guitar, tiorba, electric guitar
 Bruno Helstroffer
piano and keyboards
 Antonino Siringo
live electronics and electric bass Tovel (aka Matteo Franceschini)
drums and percussion Stefano Pisetta

flute, alto flute, piccolo Giovanni Mareggini
oboe, horn Orfeo Manfredi
Bclarinet, E♭ clarinet, bass clarinet Mirco Ghirardini
trumpet Fabio Codeluppi
trombone Cristiano Boschesi

violin I Eleonora Hil
violin II Joško Stojanov
viola Marta Balenović
cello Adam Chelfi

conductor Francesco Bossaglia

sound engineer Roberto Mandia
lighting Mariano De Tassis

production La Biennale di Venezia, Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia
in collaboration with Comune di Venezia / Cultura Venezia / Teatro Toniolo


There are inconceivable combinations of instruments that short-circuit traditionally diverse spheres, as in Songbook, which combines a rock quartet, an amplified classical ensemble and live electronics, a project composed by its author-performer Matteo Franceschini, winner of the Silver Lion award, bringing together performers from the Icarus Ensemble and the Cantus Ensemble of Zagreb.

“In Songbook I bring together a rock quartet and a contemporary music ensemble, playing on the boundaries of language, reflecting upon the relationship between the two ‘groups’, upon their limits, their mutual influences. One of the primary objectives of this project is to combine the complexity, depth and richness of contemporary composition (the ‘written’ page) with the ‘unlimited’ energy, visionary impact and constant search for new sounds typical of an electro-rock live set. The project will appear as the live performance for a hypothetical concept-album, the creation of which will allow me to develop my personal considerations on the ‘historic’ model of the song form, with the purpose of discovering its deepest structures by exploring some of its gestural and perceptive archetypes. The composition never complacently shows off the ‘highbrow’ material, nor will it hybridise the registers. It will attempt to make them coexist, through a dynamic principle of observation and distortion, aimed at exploring new sound horizons (...)”. (Matteo Franceschini)

Teatro Toniolo

Piazzetta Cesare Battisti, 1
30174 Venezia Mestre

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