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Biennale College Cinema: 12th edition
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Biennale College Cinema: 12th edition

On Monday October 16th (3pm > 5pm) at Ca’ Giustinian there will be a presentation of the 12 selected projects. 

The 12 teams come from Australia, Ghana, Hungary, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Ukraine, USA.  

Biennale College Cinema 2023 - 2024

On Monday October 16th at Ca’ Giustinian (1st floor), headquarter of La Biennale di Venezia, there will be a presentation of the 12 projects by the 12 teams, composed of a director and a producer, who participated, from 6th to 16th October 2023, in the first workshop of the 12th Biennale College Cinema (2023 – 2024) in Venice.

In one session, from 3 pm to 5 pm, the 12 teams will present their projects developed during the workshops and describe the creation of their stories and the various aspects involved in the production process. The teams come from Australia, Ghana, Hungary, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Ukraine, USA.

Of the 12 projects, 9 have been selected from the Biennale College Cinema International call, and 3 from the Biennale College Cinema  Italia call. The latter Call was launched on February 16th, the international Call on May 3rd. 184 applications were submitted in response to these Calls. Overall, during the first 11 editions of the Biennale College Cinema, 37 feature films have been made.

Following this presentation, up to four teams will be invited to two further workshops, during the months of December 2023 in Venice and January 2024 on-line, and then begin the production of up to four feature length films (debut or sophomore film) – including one Italian and at least two by women directors  – which will be supervised and supported, and subsequently presented at the 81st Venice International Film Festival 2024. The eight projects that are not selected will receive specific feedbacks on their projects and three will be invited to attend the Venice Gap Financing Market in 2024. Starting in 2022, the funds provided for the production of the selected films have been increased from 150,000 € to 200,000 €


The 12 selected projects

BUIO / DOGS DAYS OF SUMMER (Italy) - director: Camilla Carè; producer: Berardo Carboni (1st feature)

HONEYMOON (Ukraine) - director: Zhanna Ozirna; producer: Dmytro Sukhanov (1st feature)

JANUARY 2 (Hungary) - director: Zsófia Szilágyi; producer: Dóra Csernátony (2nd feature)

JAYSAN (Kyrgyzstan) - director: Aisha Sultanbekova; producer: Saltanat Imankulova (1st feature)

MY BIRTHDAY / IL MIO COMPLEANNO (Italy) - director: Christian Filippi; producer: Leonardo Baraldi (1st feature)

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME (Italy) - director: Eli Zuzovsky; producer: Tom Sidi (1st feature)

THE FISHERMAN (USA/Ghana) - director: Zoey Martinson; producer: Kofi Owusu Afriyie (1st feature)

THE FOREST (Hungary) - director: Balint Kenyeres producer: Anna Bartok (2nd feature)

THE SLUGS (Poland) - director: Katarzyna Gondek; producer: Adrianna Redzia (1st feature)

THE SYNDROME (USA) - director: Zachary Epcar; producer: Bingham Bryant (1st feature)

TO CARRY ACROSS (USA) - directors: Micaela Durand, Daniel Chew; producers: Jacob Perlin, Artemis Shaw (1st feature)

TOAD MOUTH (Australia) - director: Charlotte Mungomery; producer: Rebecca Lamond (1st feature)

Further information on the 12 projects is available on the website:

Biennale College Cinema 

Biennale College Cinema, conducted by the Biennale di Venezia, has the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities – Directorate General for Cinema. The main sponsor is Vivendi; Biennale College Cinema receives academic collaboration from Gotham Film & Media Institute and TorinoFilmLab. The educational activities are made possible by the Creative Europe – Media programme. The Director is Alberto Barbera; the Head of Programme is Savina Neirotti.