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Registration now open for films and for accreditation requests
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Registration now open for films and for accreditation requests

The Regulations of the 81st Festival (28 August - 7 September 2024). Accreditation procedures are also available.

Film submission

Registration opens today, Thursday February 1st, for the films and immersive projects to be selected for the 81st Venice International Film Festival of La Biennale di Venezia (28 August – 7 September 2024), directed by Alberto Barbera.
To apply for the selection, the pre-selection entry form must be completed online on or before June 13th 2024, following the instructions in the REGULATIONS of the 81st Venice Film Festival.
For the Orizzonti Short Films Competition the deadline for registration is May 31st 2024, while for Venice Immersive the deadline is May 15th.

Only works presented as world premieres (or international premieres for the Venice Immersive projects) are eligible for the selection of the 81st Venice Film Festival, and must meet the following criteria:
· they must have been completed after September 9th 2023
· they must not have had any form of commercial distribution or streaming on the Internet
· they must not have had any public or press screening, nor participated previously in any other film festival or event.

The sections of the 81st Venice Film Festival will be:

  Venezia 81
Out of Competition
Orizzonti Extra
Venice Classics
  Venice Immersive

Venice Production Bridge

Today we open as well the Industry Services Form, through which is possible to request the services of the VENICE PRODUCTION BRIDGE (29 August – 3 September 2024), the film market organized as part of the Venice Film Festival and dedicated to the presentation of unreleased projects or works-in-progress, to advance their development and production.

The Venice Production Bridge offers film industry professionals the following events: the Book Adaptation Rights Market, one-on-one meetings between selected editors/literary agents and producers interested in film adaptations of their catalogue; the Venice Gap-Financing Market, dedicated to a selection of feature-length films and immersive projects that seek to complete their financing in one-on-one meetings with international professionals; Final Cut in Venice, a workshop in which the working copies of the selected films will be proposed to film industry professionals for post-production and to promote their access to the market; Meet the streamers, dedicated to SVOD/VOD platforms; the Venice Immersive Market, addressed to the XR/VR/AR market; the Europe in focus, an event organized with the Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Union.

The Venice Production Bridge will also give continuity to the previously developed services: Market Screenings, an exhibition area, Industry Gold Club, Business Centre, and a series of international panels and events.

In order to check all the programmes and services of the VPB is possible to download the Booklet 2024


It is also possible to register for accreditation at the 81st Venice Film Festival for the following categories:

· Industry
· Cinema
· Cinema for Students