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Antonio Rezza, Flavia Mastrella - 7 14 21 28

(2009, 90')

by Flavia Mastrella, Antonio Rezza
with Antonio Rezza and Ivan Bellavista
(never) written by Antonio Rezza
Habitat by Flavia Mastrella
assistant in the creation Massimo Camilli
lighting design Maria Pastore
re-elaborated by Daria Grispino
organization Stefania Saltarelli
stagehand Andrea Zanarini
metal Francesco Mirabella and Domenico Damiano
photography Flavia Mastrella, Stefania Saltarelli, Martina Villiger, Antonio Rezza
set photography Giulio Mazzi
translation Jane Dolman
thanks to Danilo Rosati, Patrizia Puddu, Ezio Novara, Federico Carra, Antonello De Luca, Daniele Verlezza, Comune di Nettuno, Compagnia Teatro Finestra, Valerio Artibani, Silvia Vecchini, Chiara Crupi
a production by RezzaMastrella, TSI La Fabbrica dell’Attore Teatro Vascello, Fondazione Teatro Piemonte Europa


Authors' statement

Numerical civilizations compared. The definitive defeat of meaning. Double-digit illnesses that multiply to the point of disconcertion: we are just a few steps from the subtraction that makes us disappear. Oscillations and hesitations in a mobile ideogram.

The end of words. The beginning of a danse macabre. The playmate joins the unwitting eternal child who is forced to concede to a numerical biological reality that inevitably goes there where the vigour of its time demands. Antonio expands, oscillates on the sound sculptures, rocks, jumps, runs.

The use of sound is entrusted to the voice that changes, moans, screams, blows its own horn. With the body in motion, the pronunciation is breathless, the vowel stretches along the abandoned limbs, fatigue digs into the throat and shapes it.

Ropes, nets and laces keep the action going. The game of life is played in an ideogram. The stroke develops triangular volumes and horizontal lines: but only man moves on the vertical. With Antonio Rezza, Ivan Bellavista too is living in this Habitat. The assistant for creation is Massimo Camilli. The lighting design is by Maria Pastore, re-elaborated by Daria Grispino.

Teatro Piccolo Arsenale

30122 VENICE
TEL. +39 0415218711

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