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Manuela Infante - Estado vegetal

Italian premiere (2016, 80’)

direction Manuela Infante
dramaturgy Manuela Infante, Marcela Salinas
with Marcela Salinas
design Rocío Hernández
design and props construction Ignacio Pizarro
stagehand Magdalena Mejía
sound design Manuela Infante
production Carmina Infante
in co-production with Fundación Teatro a Mil

followed by:
encounter with Manuela Infante


One of the authors who will be staging her own plays at the Festival is Manuela Infante from Chile, a leading South American writer and head of the prestigious Teatro de Chile, as well as a director, whose productions have played throughout Europe and in the United States and whose plays have been translated into English and Italian. Estado Vegetal is a one-woman show inspired by the revolutionary theories on the life and intelligence of plants by philosopher Michael Marder and neurologist Stefano Mancuso.

“The questions here have been: “What would a vegetal theatre look like? What would a form of vegetal storytelling look like? A form of vegetal performing look like?”, and so on.
In Estado Vegetal this results in, to name a few things: a branching narrative structure, a phototropic conception of light design, a polyphonic form of acting that sees the actress as a multiplicity rather than an individual, a modular dramatic text, etc.” (Manuela Infante)

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